Epoch 66 was very good for 4ADA with maxed out rewards and 100% block conversion score. 4ADA2 was less fortunate with 3 missed blocks due to height wars with competing pools. Occasional block loss for this reason is quite common for pools, on average we win 64% of such conflicts in the chain. For details, see pooltool.io/competitive. However, in this particular case, two of those blocks were scheduled in quick succession, so losing one automatically meant losing the next one as well, as a node always needs some time to get back into sync after having been forked off for a brief moment.

For Epoch 67 we can look forward to decent block assignment for 4ADA, and 10% less than average assignment for 4ADA2. I am confident 4ADA’s luck will turn to the positive side, hopefully we’ll still have all of you onboard when that happens!

And… finally we have our very first block assignment scheduled for 4ADA3. We will obviously do our utmost to ensure it is minted and added to the chain! Should we succeed, this will instantly provide sufficient rewards to compensate for more than 8 days of waiting without a single block!!

Happy staking! 🌞