Staking4ADA on ITN: Top-10 Best ROS Performance

With nearly 10,000 blocks minted on the ITN, staking4ADA belongs to the 10 best performing large pool operators (80M+) generating the highest ROS for their delegators on the ITN.

Here’s what running 3 pools on the ITN looked like back in the day (screen recording from feb 2020):

‘Where are my rewards?’

You may have arrived here trying to find out why the 4ADA 0% pool of your choice is not generating any rewards.[gap]This is still a test net, and one of the shortcomings is that offline pools (there are very many!) cannot be de-listed or hidden from the wallets. Daedalus will show you if a pool actually produces blocks, but Yoroi unfortunately does not.[gap]If you delegated to the [4ADA]0%-pool, you must re-delegate your stake; the 0%-pool was, is and will remain offline.[gap]Since the start of the Testnet, we have been trying to inform delegators about the offline status of the 4ADA 0%-pool through this website, as well as on Twitter, Telegram and via the website. As of yet, the Shelley protocol unfortunately offers no functionality to communicate with delegators directly.[gap]For this reason it is strongly recommended to always visit a pool’s website before delegating, and to regularly monitor and compare pool performances on

—UPDATE: using a newly implemented feature of the J√∂rmungandr software, this pool is now formally retired since epoch 90, but -pending further updates- still visible in the wallets.—