What is Delegated Staking?

Owning ADA Makes You a Stakeholder

On its path to becoming a fully decentralized network, Cardano is owned for the most part by its users. This makes every holder of ADA tokens a stakeholder. As a stakeholder, you can just enjoy the benefits of the Cardano network, but you can also choose to play an active role in the network consensus protocol.

Support Cardano and Receive Free ADA

If you keep your Daedalus wallet synced and online, your computer helps relay transactions on the Cardano network. But, leaving your computer switched on 24/7 is far from ideal, and consumes lots of energy. So, why not join forces with lots of other ADA holders, and assign a professional to support the network on your behalf? This may seem complicated to achieve, but it is actually very easy, and in doing so you can obtain free additional ADA tokens as a reward!

Let staking4ADA Help Run the Cardano Network on Your Behalf

Stakepool operators, such as Staking4ada, process transactions, add them to the Cardano blockchain and get compensated for doing so. The more ADA holders a pool represents, the more blocks it is allowed to add to the chain, and the more rewards it receives. These rewards are automatically accumulated and paid out to you by the network protocol, proportionally to the amount of ADA you hold. So, you can relax and enjoy a bit of sunshine, while your free ADA automatically lands in your wallet!

100% Secure, Passive Income

By delegating your ADA-stake to staking4ada.org from your preferred wallet, you are sure to receive free ADA tokens on a regular basis, in total security and without any additional effort.