Track Your Past Rewards lets you track your existing rewards. Click below to go the website, click on “REWARDS DATA FOR TAXES”, enter any address of your wallet, and you will see the total rewards accumulated with that wallet. Click on the little blue arrow towards the right for a breakdown by Epoch.

Estimate Your Future Rewards

Use IOHK’s staking calculator to estimate your future rewards. Use it with precaution, as some of the variables are not straightforward to set properly. Check out our blog post for a detailed description how to customize the calculator to your specific situation, using 4ADA as an example.

‘What Pool To Select?’

A Complicated Choice?

Which pool to choose depends on multiple factors. Follow our Pool Blog over the next weeks, to learn more about what makes a pool profitable, and how various parameters of the Ourobouros protocol influence your staking results.

To get you started, in general, look for the amount of pledged ADA, if the pool is producing blocks, and how much ADA is delegated to the pool in total (not too little, not too much).

Contrary to what most delegators think, pool fee has a much smaller influence on your rewards than most people think. In fact, in most cases, the mathematical impact of pool fee and pledge amount will only make a very minor difference in Return On Stake at the end of the year.

Choosing Becomes Much Easier If You Look At The Bigger Picture.

When choosing a pool, there are also other, more subjective but important, reasons that you may want to consider. Such as a environmental consciousness, decentralized operation, transparency about performance and fees, an open dialogue with delegators about pool performance and the wider Cardano ecosystem in general, engagement with the community, or occasional donations to a good cause.

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