Modest fees,

Our 4ADA pool operates at the lowest possible epoch cost of 170ADA plus 2% variable fee. This means that every five days 170ADA + 2% are deducted from the total epoch rewards the pool has generated, before they are divided among all delegators. For F4ADA it’s 170ADA + 1%. So, F4ADA gives delegators 1% more rewards, however its smaller size causes its rewards to fluctuate more from one epoch to another.

These fee structures generate about the same results when compared to the situation until October ’23, when MinPoolCost was still at 340ADA, and our pools were operating at 1% and 0% respectively.

Mighty Performance!

Both 4ADA and F4ADA continue to perform exceptionally well, with both pools firmly ranked in the top-1/3 of the 500 pools with the most reliable long-term performance.

To be precise, when comparing lifetime ROS (Return On Stake), F4ADA currently ranks #48 and 4ADA ranks #135 among all pools (currently 486) with at least 1,000 minted blocks and 10M in stake*

It should be noted that the ROS is calculated after deducting all pool fees, so the above ranking proves that our staking service continues to be very competitive towards pools larger in size, with much higher pledge, or even with lower variable fees!

So, if you care about maximum rewards AND about a solar-powered, decentralized pool operation, with occasional donations to charity (yes we've got one coming up!), congratulations, you're (still) in the right place 🙂

Should you have any questions about our fees going forward, do not hesitate to reach out in our Telegram, on X or here in the comments!

Happy staking,


*source:, use the filters to exclude pools smaller than 10M or with less than 1,000 blocks minted. Click on the top-right icon to add the lifetime-ROS column.