‘Is It Safe To Stake My ADA Tokens?’

Your ADA Never Leaves You. Ever.

Stake delegation is done inside your wallet. Your ADA never actually leaves it and the accumulation and payout of your free ADA tokens is entirely handled by Cardano’s Ouroboros protocol. Pool Operators cannot control or even influence the payout of your precious rewards.

No Need to Trust Anyone

Staking on the Cardano network is trustless. After clicking the Delegate button in your wallet, the pool you chose will not hold or have any control over your ADA at any moment. The Shelley-protocol keeps track of your rewards, deducts them from the pool rewards and automatically pays them out into your wallet.

Safe, Easy, Profitable, Sustainable

Letting staking4ADA.org generate free ADA, and help support the Cardano network on your behalf, could not be any easier, or more secure.