To follow up on our previous blog post, I have checked what at the moment should be the theoretical number of blocks assigned per million of staked ADA.

This depends on the total amount staked, which changes over time and currently amounts to 11.49B ADA. And it depends on the number of blocks assigned, which is 4320 blocks per epoch, or day, as fixed in the testnet protocol.

Therefore, the theoretical average block assignment per 1M ADA at the moment should be 0.376 blocks.

Below you will find our block assignment for 4ADA2 over the last 5 epochs, and the corresponding total stake for those epochs:

Epoch .   Blocks .  Stake
64 .          13 .          51.5
63 .          26 .         66.6
62 .          30 .         67.2
61 .          16 .          68
60 .         14 .          56.1
TTL .      99 .        309.4

On average, this results in 0.320 blocks per 1M stake.

This means that over the last 5 epochs, the 4ADA2 block assignment has been 14.9% below average!

Now for the good news: trusting that the laws of statistics will set things right, this can only mean that for the next epochs 4ADA2 delegators should be able to look forward to higher block assignments 🙂

Happy staking!