We will be presenting our pool results and targets in a new format, which should make it easier to distinguish between two things which together decide our daily rewards:

  1. How many blocks our pools are allowed to produce, determined by the randomized algorithm of the Shelley protocol;
  2. How many of those assigned blocks were successfully minted and added to the chain.

What we wanted to clarify is that much of what decides how many rewards a pool can deliver at the end of each epoch, is actually beyond its control!

The only part what we at staking4ADA can do is produce every block which the protocol ‘feeds’ us. If we don’t get the block tasks assigned, we can’t mint them!

Overall, this randomness should approach the theoretical average as shown in yellow, but we thought it was helpful if you as our delegator would be able to verify this on a daily basis.

Happy staking to all! 🙂