Here’s a summary of important dates to keep in mind towards the launch of the Shelley Mainnet

June 21: Most likely, epoch 190 will be the last epoch with ITN rewards
June 23: Hard fork combinator test (followed by balance check)
June 30: Shelley code release (tentative)
July 7: Shelley code release (backup)
July 20: Shelley upgrade deadline for Exchanges
July 29: Shelley hard fork (start of stakepool creation)
Aug 3: ITN rewards available
Aug 18: Stakepools go live, available for staking. 🌞

After the ITN rewards have stopped, we will keep you informed of any interesting news in the run-up to mainnet.

We sincerely hope you have had a pleasant experience staking with us.

If so, we would be delighted to be your first pool of choice when we are going live on Mainnet in August!

Until then, watch out for our Shelley Mainnet Celebration Launch Promotion announcement!

Happy staking 💫