In two Youtube videos, Charles came online a few hours ago, announcing the following:

  1. ITN rewards are running out on June 19 (today)
  2. He offers the possibility to extend the ITN rewards until July 29. In that case, 2/3 of all pools should stay online after june 19 in order to trigger a vote whether or not to extend the ITN rewards until July 29.

For full details, please refer to Charles’ videos below.

Here at staking4ADA, our first priority is to best serve your interests as delegators.

Therefore, if there is a chance for all of us to enjoy an additional 6 weeks of staking rewards, all the way up to Mainnet launch, we are certainly going to try and take that opportunity.

All three 4ADA pools will therefore remain online until further notice.

We will keep you informed about further developments as they occur.

Happy staking! 🙂


VIDEO 1 (initial)

VIDEO 2 (follow-up & clarification)