ITN Rewards are ending soon

Calculations indicate that the ITN Testnet will completely run out of funds to pay for the rewards around epoch 190, which happens june 21st. Depending on actual daily rewards payout, this could perhaps occur a day sooner or later.

The end of ITN rewards will conclude 6 months of huge progress for the entire Cardano community, with the introduction of hundreds of stake pools and thousands of devoted delegators, all happy to finally having been able to put their precious ADA to work!

Snapshot & Balance Check

The payout of ITN rewards will be followed up by a snapshot to capture all rewards, in order for IOHK to copy them over to mainnet later on.

Don’t worry, no action is required for you as a delegator. For the snapshot it is irrelevant if and where your funds on the ITN are. Your staking rewards will automatically be associated with the wallet(s) from which you delegated your initial funds. Just make sure you have all relevant recovery phrases, so you can restore your wallet(s) later on.

The ITN rewards snapshot will then be followed by a balance check (probably end of june), which involves a special wallet version which lets you verify if your rewards have been correctly identified and captured.

The ITN rewards will become available as ‘real ADA’ as soon as Shelley Mainnet launches, which is scheduled to happen early August.

Goodbye ITN, Welcome Shelley Mainnet

Once ITN rewards have completely stopped, here at staking4ADA a lot of work will have to be done to build the new pool infrastructure around the Haskell node software, and to prepare for our website to connect to the new pool(s), in order to bring you the live pool data and statistics from mainnet in the same way as you have gotten used to from us on the ITN.

Full transparency is an absolute priority for us, so we definitely want to keep letting you know how many blocks we’re expecting to mint in each epoch and how we’re getting on with those slot battles, also on mainnet!


We will continue to keep you updated, via this blog, as well as via our Twitter and Telegram channels, so keep an eye out for us!

Happy staking! 🙂

P.S. After setting up our first test pool on the Cardano Friends % Family Testnet, today we successfully produced our first block using the advanced and completely new Haskell node software: