November 2020

F4ADA Donates To

By |2022-03-11T10:10:48+01:00November 11, 2020|

Thanks to our F4ADA Delegators, we have been able to make another meaningful donation. As promised in our recent newsletter, all of F4ADA's operator [ ... ]

4ADA Donates To

By |2022-03-11T10:57:26+01:00November 3, 2020|

With the support of all our 4ADA Delegators, we have just completed our donation to, as promised in our latest newsletter. All of [ ... ]

October 2020

September 2020

August 2020

July 2020

All Pools Ready For Delegation

By |2020-12-21T22:25:43+01:00July 30, 2020|

It is with pleasure that I can announce that all 3 Staking4ADA pools have been successfully registered on-chain, and are now ready to take [ ... ]

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