Hi everyone!

Just to give you a brief update about the possibility that rewards were going to be extended until July 29th: this unfortunately will not be the case. 🙁

Of course here at staking4ADA we voted in favor of the rewards extension with all 3 of our pools, and apparently around 99% of all pools which voted were also in favor.

…But, unfortunately, not enough votes were received… so Charles confirmed in his latest AMA that the ITN rewards have now definitively stopped.

To be honest, the whole voting process execution was a complete joke: hardly anyone knew about it, those who knew were confused what to do, and those who knew what to do discovered that the actual voting itself was not a user-friendly process to say the least (in fact it was a real pain to get it done—i imagine half of all pool operators who tried probably gave up somewhere along the way).

Conclusion: do not expect any more rewards coming out of the ITN.

Conclusion #2: it was a hell of a ride and I hope you are just as happy with the result as we are!

In the next few days I will follow-up on this post with a summary of some the main statistics.