As previously communicated, ITN phase has come to an end – and the rewards accumulated until epoch 190 of ITN are available to be verified via Balance Check wallets using Daedalus STN (Shelley Test Net).

Link for Balance Check for ITN Rewards:


The above mentioned Daedalus wallet lets you check your rewards earned during the Incentivized Testnet progam. It is not strictly necessary to do so–your rewards will be carried over to mainnet anyway, but by successfully installing the wallet and using your recovery phrases you will know for sure that:

  • You actually will have control over your rewards once they are available on mainnet;
  • The amount(s) are according to your expectation.

Some important points:

  • Always make sure you only use downloads from trusted sources. Don’t take my word for it but verify you are really downloading from;
  • There is no separate release for Yoroi for balance check, also Yoroi wallets can be verified using the above Daedalus wallet;
  • The release is specifically only related to ITN Rewards Balance Check. You cannot make any transactions. Rewards can only be claimed as real ADA after Shelley Mainnet launches (fork scheduled for 29th July) on 3rd August.

For any support regarding the above, it is probably best to use the Help menu inside the wallet, or to submit a request form to IOHK: