All pools showed reasonable results for epoch 75, but all three suffered from various slot battles and forks, which seems to have been the result of relative network instability. The network instability observed today is probably related to a high number of pools experimenting with the latest update of the jomungandr software, causing many restarts and switching between different versions.

Below you will find the results of today’s (epoch 74) block production results. These results can now be monitored live on the Stats page on our website:



As the above table shows, all pools suffered from forked blocks, also we lost two slot battles.

The following block post explains everything about the various battles that stake pools have to deal with:

[button link=”” size=”medium” target=”_self” color=”alternative-1″ lightbox=”false”]Slot Slaughters & Height Fights[/button]

For epoch 76, we’re expecting average block assignment for 4ADA and 4ADA2, however, 4ADA3’s block assignment remains on the low side. We definitely need 5 or more blocks in order to make an impression here!!