Hello there –and, if you’re new, a warm welcome– to all delegators!

Just a small update to let everyone know that all three pools are doing extremely well these past few days. All three of them have been doing a great job grabbing those blocks, and boy did we get some great quantities assigned to us!

Clearly our good performance has not gone unnoticed, resulting in a significant increase especially in our [4ADA2] staking volume, which now for the first time exceeds that of good old [4ADA]. Speaking of which, [4ADA] has become a true slot battle veteran, taking 4th place with 86 won slot battles, worth some 80k tADA in rewards. [4ADA3] is still the tiny little brother, but has also been giving out quite decent rewards, they just come and go in larger chunks!

‘…no, you just have to wait,
she said blocks don’t come easy,
it’s a game of give and take…’


Now, since we did get amazing block assignments, especially [4ADA2], don’t get all depressed if your rewards aren’t going to be as stellar as you may have gotten used to these past few days. Just make sure to carefully watch (on our live page and in our report) how many blocks we get assigned, and how many of those we successfully produce. As long as those numbers stay as healthy as they’ve been, you can rest assured you’ve come to the right place!

And, if after that you still need more peace of mind, read “The Accordion Effect, or Why Impatience Does Not Pay Off”

Happy staking 🙂