The momentum for Cardano is reaching levels unseen in the crypto industry!

At least levels not seen by me ever since I got actively involved in Crypto around mid-2017.

Never before did I witness such a strong price increase for any top-10 currency amidst declining prices on the whole, looking at the 7-day trend in the screenshot below, taken this morning:

Admittedly, a lot is happening around Cardano, with some amazing developments in the pipeline. But never did the entire crypto scene seem to focus on just one project only, as demonstrated by the following screenshot of earlier this morning:

It is truly a great feeling to see that after such a long time and after so much work has been done by everyone involved in Cardano, the wider audience is finally beginning to understand its vast potential. Onward and upwards!

P.S. Don’t miss Charles Hoskinson’s AMA, on the occasion of Cardano reaching 3rd spot by market cap 🙂