Staking4ADA wants to become a SundaeSwap DEX Pool Operator. Will you vote for us?

SundaeSwap aims to become a leading DEX on Cardano. In order to help them select, batch, and submit transactions to fulfil end-users orders, we would like to lend a helping hand in offering SundaeSwap our Pool’s processing power.

Participating in SundaeSwap’s Initial Stake Pool Offering and playing an early role in the development and expansion of what could become one of the most successful DEX’s on Cardano, will bring many benefits to our pools and to our delegators. How this exactly will happen is still unclear in many ways, but rest assured that we are determined to share the fruits of our collaboration with SundaeSwap to our delegators in a very generous way!

Will you help Staking4ADA and join us on this new adventure? Then, take the plunge and vote for us!

How to vote

You want the short version? Just transfer EXACTLY 2.455 ADA from your wallet to yourself. It’s as easy as that. Do this from each wallet (if you have multiple) to put the full weight of your funds behind your votes. Voting should be done during epoch 302 (before november 17).

2.455 is the unique amount corresponding to Staking4ADA, all transactions with this exact amount will be filtered out after the epoch has ended and count as votes.

For a full guide, click on the image below.

OK, I want to vote. Where should I go?

Clicking on the link below will open the voting page.

  1. Type “Staking4ADA” (or simply “4ADA”) in the “Vote 1” field and select our pool.
  2. Clicking “Vote with any wallet” will copy the amount mentioned above.
  3. In your wallet, make a payment with this exact amount to your own address. This can be any wallet. It does not have to be delegated to one of our pools!
  4. Your vote is weighted by the balance of your wallet. If your funds are divided among several wallets, voting once with each one of them does help!
  5. That’s it. Many thanks!

Thanks for your support!

Happy staking!☀