After more than one year of Cardano mainnet, let’s have a look 4ADA’s and F4ADA’s performance so far, relative to other pools.

In order to do so, we will be looking at the lifetime ROS as listed on

Because of Cardano’s randomized block assignment, as specified in the Ouroboros protocol, pools with few blocks (because they are young or small) sometimes can show very high or very low ROS performance, which is not very indicative of their expected performance in the future. To even out the luck factor, it therefore makes sense to compare between pools which have produced a lot of blocks. We will therefore only be looking at pools which produced 1,000 blocks or more.

Further, we look at pools with a serious pledge of at least 250k ADA, as proof of long term credibility and reliability, and we are excluding (near-)saturated pools (total stake of 62M or larger), since in our view at that size they no longer represent a safe staking alternative.

Click on the image below to view it in full size:


#25 – F4ADA, 5.11% Lifetime ROS
#77 – 4ADA, 4.97% Lifetime ROS

For comparison, the best performing pool in the list has a score of 5.28% Lifetime ROS, and the median ROS of the first 77 pools (up to 4ADA’s position) is 5.07%, so the differences are quite small really.


After more than one year, 4ADA and F4ADA’s performance is well within the top-100 of seriously pledged, seriously block-producing pools which are safely below saturation on Cardano Mainnet. It is therefore safe to say that 4ADA and F4ADA both represent reliable staking alternatives to continue to steadily grow your ADA over time.

In addition, and contrarily to most large pools, we are proud to be:

  • fully decentralized, operating on bare metal servers away from the Cloud;
  • entirely solar powered, using self-owned solar panels at all of our node locations;
  • making significant donations to charities on a regular basis.

We’d like to thank all of our delegators for their support and their confidence, and hope we can continue to be of service for much longer!

Happy staking!☀