After a few-day trial, we have confirmed that even the most recent version of the Jörmungandr node software still needs regular restarts, at least once or twice per day, in order to stay on tip and produce and propagate new blocks fast enough to be a serious contender in the daily slot and height battles.

How many times pools need to compete with -and against- each other, can be observed in realtime on

But what can be observed there is not always clear. Take the below situation for example:

It would seem 4ADA2 won a block, followed by 4ADA losing one, however both blocks were successfully added to the chain, which can be verified here and here. When clicking on the next and previous block links, you will see that on-chain they appear as two consecutive blocks.

What actually happened was that 4ADA2 and ACL both were in a slot battle, but 4ADA simply was scheduled to produce a block right after 4ADA2; 2 slots (= 4 seconds) later.

Happy staking 🙂