‘Excuse me, 4ADA-three!?’

Since there is a distinct possibility that both [4ADA] and [4ADA2] soon may be facing saturation levels, this time we wanted to be ahead of things, and offer [4ADA3] as an alternative upfront.

As some of you will remember, last time when [4ADA] became oversaturated, it took a number of days before [4ADA2] was registered in the wallets, causing some delegators to jump ship and find a non-saturated pool elsewhere…

‘But, Sir, we’ve already got 1000 pools!’

That may be true, but how many of those are solar powered, with such pleasant fees and reliable performance as the 4ADA pools offer?

‘Should I still delegate to 4ADA or 4ADA2?’

At this point, [4ADA] is already getting close to 90M and producing 25+ blocks. It is therefore probably wiser to pick [4ADA2] as long you are willing to keep an eye on potential saturation levels on a daily basis. If you want to stick with a single pool for a longer period, [4ADA3] is probably a good choice, provided it kicks off producing it first few blocks.

‘What about the 3% fee?’

In all fairness, as you probably have heard by now, the job of being a pool operator is a very tough one! But that’s fine, as we’re thrilled to see how the Cardano project is finally taking big steps forward.

But, with a growing staking volume also comes a growing responsibility to ensure continuity, which makes it imperative to invest in back-up hardware such as a router, uninterruptable power supply and server components. The additional 1% for [4ADA3] helps provide for this.

Happy staking! 🙂