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First of all I would like to thank all fresh new delegators who decided over the past few days and today to give [4ADA2] a kickstart!

With just 0.6M ADA, [4ADA2] luckily got its first leadership slot allocated in Epoch 26, followed by another one in Epoch 27, both of which were successfully captured and delivered, to produce approx. 1200 ADA in rewards each.

Unfortunately, that initial luck now seems to have turned against us. Thanks to the appearance of the [4ADA2] ticker in Yoroi we could increase our stake to 3.3M, however for Epoch 28 we did not get one single slot allocated 🙁

For Epoch 29 I am confident we will be back in the game. Remember, as it stands, a 2M stake roughly gives a probability of 1 block per Epoch.


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While we have been getting our fair share of slot leadership allocation –after all we do belong with [4ADA] to the heavyweight category– it has been increasingly difficult to get all the slots filled. All pools are struggling with increasing network problems and are missing lots of blocks.

It remains to be seen how Epoch 28 is going to end. We keep trying to do our utmost, but this situation becomes increasingly difficult as it requires day and night surveillance of the nodes. Obviously we are using scripts to help out where possible, but the reality is that these scripts are less and less effective, as restarts are becoming much more frequent, even to the point that trusted nodes for bootstrapping get continuously overloaded, making restarts sometimes very lengthy if not impossible without manual intervention.

Anyway, I wanted to give you this update. Let’s see where IOHK are taking all of us on this Testnet journey!