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For the past 3 epochs, 4ADA-1% has been slightly oversaturated. What was the impact on rewards? Let’s have a look at the past 4 epochs:

[one_fifth] EPOCH




18[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]BLOCKS




28[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]STAKE




68.9M[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]REWARDS




32.0k[/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last]RWD/M





Clearly (and this goes for all saturated pools), maximum rewards per pool are capped at 34200ADA. At this level, the rewards ranged between 300~350ADA per 1M of staked ADA.

Although the 464 rewards in epoch 18 were unusually high, the rewards do tend to be higher if a pool shows strong daily growth. I will explain this phenomenon in an upcoming blogpost.

On the other hand, taking reward spikes, such as in epoch 18, out of the equation, the slight oversaturation over the past few days does not seem to have had a dramatic impact on rewards (some 15~20% less perhaps).

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This new pool has only been launched since yesterday. It is available for delegation in the Daedalus wallet, but unfortunately not yet in the Yoroi wallet. We have no news as to when its availability in Yoroi can be expected.

Due to Testnet stability problems, with which all pool operators have had to cope with thus far, pools need 24/7 monitoring to make sure that they remain in sync and successfully produce assigned blocks. For this reason, the pool fee of [4ADA2] had to be increased to 2%, which we still consider to be very competitive! Instead of 99ADA, you still receive 98ADA out of every 100ADA in rewards.

As of now, almost 0.5M ADA has been delegated to it, so with a bit of luck we can look forward to our first block assignment perhaps already as quickly as tomorrow!

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That is entirely up to you. With [4ADA]-1% you can be sure of attractive daily rewards, especially since its size seems to have decreased to close to its saturation point.

With [4ADA2] on the other hand, its longer term growth path may be a more attractive option once it starts producing its first blocks…

Ofcourse, by all means you are also free to try out any other pool; there are hundreds which are desperate for your ADA!!

If you do so, good luck, and we will be looking forward to have you back in a hopefully not too distant future 😉