What should delegators to oversaturated pools do? Let’s have a look at the options:

  • Do nothing: while this may seem silly, it might actually be worthwhile to wait and see if sufficient other delegators are leaving to bring the pool size back below saturation level. This could be the easiest and most risk-free way to get back to maximum reward benefits!
  • Re-delegate to another, medium-sized, unsaturated pool: this seems an obvious solution to get back in a good starting position for good rewards in the short term. However, this also involves a certain risk, as the new pool may either get saturated very quickly as well, or proves incapable to produce the higher number of blocks it gets assigned.
  • Re-delegate to another small or very small pool from another operator: this does represent the highest reward potential scenario. However, the risk is also much higher, since there is no proven track record, and a pool may not be able to deliver attractive rewards at all, if any.
  • RECOMMENDED OPTION: re-delegate to another, very small pool, from the same operator. While providing the highest reward potential, this option also represents a much lower risk since the pool operator has already proven its quality and reliability to successfully drive a growing number of delegators through the entirety of its growth path, all the way up to saturation levels!