If you still have unclaimed ITN Rewards, you can now claim them with the fresh release of Daedalus v1.2.0.

In order to transfer the rewards into another wallet, make sure to first send 1.5 ADA to it, since these are needed to pay for the transaction fees (the rewards funds themselves cannot be used for this).

So, nothing stands in the way of sending those freshly claimed rewards immediately back to work by delegating them to your favorite Pool 😉

Download Daedalus from https://Daedaluswallet.io (not linked for security reasons)

But… now for the not-so-great news…

Charles Hoskinson yesterday announced in a Youtube video, that block production by stake pools will be postponed by 1 epoch. So, rewards generation will not start Aug 8, but 5 days from now, on Aug 13.

The reason he mentioned is that still too many users have their funds locked up in several smaller exchanges which are not yet Shelley-compatible. In addition, a Daedalus bug prevented many pools from showing up in the wallet, giving them an unfair chance of competing for delegation funds…

Personally, if you ask me, the main reason is probably that Yoroï does not yet support stake delegation, and Charles probably does not want them to explode in anger when they see that everyone else starts earning rewards without them 😉

Well, I guess there is nothing we can do but quietly wait for those blocks to arrive… our pools are ready, that’s for sure!!