Does anyone still actually care what the rewards are, if any?

I am the first to admit crypto staking does seem irrelevant whenever you experience price fluctuations like they’re happening as we speak. One year of staking can be annihiliated within hours or even minutes, which is exactly what happened today. With a bit of luck, staking gives 14% ROS, but we saw ADA plunge by over 60% over the past week…

But, the show must go on. You couldn’t have sold your tADA even if you wanted to. And if you did sell your ADA before the big drop: good for you!

As for epoch 91, blocks are average for 4ADA, but a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y stellar for 4ADA2 and 4ADA3!

Have a look at the live page to see how many blocks each pool got assigned. Provided we grab those blocks, look forward to great rewards!!

Happy staking! 🙂