IOHK have released a Shelley testnet version of the Daedalus wallet

With this beautiful purple special version, you can get a feeling of what staking on Mainnet will soon look like:

  • take a look at all the experimental stakepools, as pool operators are preparing their set-up for mainnet launch;
  • create a new wallet, or recover your ITN wallet, and claim 1,000 free testnet-ADA from the faucet, which is essentially worthless but fun to play with such as making transactions or delegating your funds to one of the stakepools,

How to proceed?

  1. Download the Daedalus Shelley Testnet wallet
  2. Install and create a new wallet. You can also recover your ITN wallet using the recovery phrase. This will only contain your ITN rewards, but you will not be able to actually use them.
  3. Request free tADA from the faucet
  4. Done! You can now make transactions to other addresses on the testnet, or delegate to your favourite pool 😉

Here’s a preview, but do not get fooled by the stake pool ranking since it has absolutely no meaning; some pools have more fake ADA than others, are charging weird fees or have very low or rediculously high pledge amounts.