Ep.84 result, Ep.85 target

Fantastic results for 4ADA and 4ADA3 with respectively 14.6% and 13.5% ROS (Pooltool.io). 4ADA2 scored less but that was expected with only 64% block assignment of what it according to its size should be…

The Epoch was extremely messy, with constant forking throughout the day, making it very tough to score blocks. Under these circumstances I am quite happy with out results with just a single block and no blocks at all lost for 4ADA2 and 4ADA3, and a few more for 4ADA, but our block allocation was huge anyway so a few blocks less did less damage here.

For Epoch 85 things look OK, except for 4ADA3, with 13% less blocks than we’re entitled to. Happy staking! 🙂