Block assignment was fine, 4ADA and 4ADA3 in the end did OK, but 4ADA2 became a bit of a nightmare throughout the day.

After checking the feedback from other pool operators about their experiences with the latest Jörmungandr pool software, we decided today to give it a go, in part because our slot battle success rate was slightly going down, and deploy v0.8.13 during the day. It seemed ok at first but as with every new version so far, ever since the testnet started, each new version has its own weird quirks and it is amazing to see just how unreliable everything still functions, 3 months into the testnet phase.

I am not going to go on for too long, but so far and including the new version, anyone who thinks this is a set and forget software, is deeply mistaken: you just gotta handhold and pamper your pool 24 hours per day, or it WILL totally screw up…

Right ,
For tomorrow we have great blocks coming up for all 3 pools. The big question is: how many of those are we really going to be able to mint?

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Happy staking! 🙂