Both 4ADA and 4ADA2 did not have too many blocks coming their way in Epoch 70. Despite ending just a single block shy of the target, rewards for that reason where just average at best.

4ADA3 was without blocks and will remain without blocks for at least another Epoch, as none were assigned.

However, this may and should very soon change, since today we could welcome 1M additional stake for 4ADA3, bringing the total stake for Epoch 72 to 1.5M ADA! Whoever you are, thanks for your confidence, we will as usual do our utmost to produce every single block assigned to us!

With regards to 4ADA we expect similar rewards as from the previous Epoch. 4ADA2 should be at least 20% higher. Let’s be honest, we haven’t missed many blocks, but 4ADA2’s fortune has been lagging quite a bit, with very poor slot leadership assignments and unusually frequent slot battles these past few epochs. All we can do is have faith in the statistics to turn things around a bit.

Happy staking! 🙂

P.S. within a few days I will write an additional blog post to clarify what’s up with these slot battles!