Every epoch, Staking4ADA delegators can win 4 Million HOSKY-tokens

Obviously the HOSKY shitcoin token is worthless. But what if you had 4 million of them. Hmm, not so sure anymore, huh?

How to become a HOSKY-quadrillionaire

  1. Delegate your stake to 4ADA or F4ADA
  2. Let us know below where you want to receive 4M HOSKY-tokens in case you win. This can be any address from your staking wallet.
  3. Done!

    How does it work?

    • On the first day of every epoch, 1 winning 4ADA delegator and 1 winning F4ADA delegator are picked randomly.
    • 4 Million HOSKY-tokens are sent to each winner.
    • Only addresses submitted above have a chance to win. We don’t want to spam any unaware delegators!
    • Submitted addresses can only win if they belong to a wallet delegated to either 4ADA or F4ADA.
    • Don’t bother submitting the same address twice, or submitting more than one address per wallet. This will not increase your chances.
    • You can only win twice! After winning twice, your address will be excluded to also give the others a chance of winning.
    • To check if you’re a HOSKY Quadrillionaire, see if one of the winning addresses below is yours, or just open your wallet.
    • We reserve the right to stop running this promo whenever we run out of HOSKY’s, or whenever we feel like it, so don’t waste any more time and get your ADA-address registered!
    • Good luck!!!

    And the winners are:

    • epoch 305: addr1q8uxxsg5…vdcz, addr1qx3vslt97…450a
    • epoch 306: addr1q93f3…3thspc, addr1qyyz4v…y8hehz
    • epoch 307: addr1qx6ku2…h9nu3, addr1qx8n7u…z9u4xl
    • epoch 308: addr1qyvlnt4…dne0a, addr1q9cnw…wmhhv
    • epoch 309: addr1qyq540…spwqc, addr1q8u62sdwyw49
    • epoch 310: addr1q8c…8kqlhj, addr1qx3…czdhl
    • epoch 311: addr1q8…v7pa, addr1qyy…4e5p
    • epoch 312: addr1q8…283d, addr1qy…hehz