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[alert type=”warning” close=”false”]Thanks to an overwhelming response we currently have no pledge participant slots available. As this may very well change in the future, please submit your pre-registration details below, and we will contact you as soon as we have an opening.[/alert]
To underpin their confidence in the performance and reliability of staking4ADA.org, several enthusiastic delegators have pledged some serious ADA to our pools.

Were you a happy heavy-weight delegator with us on the ITN? Are you looking for a way to put your ADA to work in the best possible way?
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Pre-register below to pledge to one of our pools for a significant percentage of pool rewards on top of your regular staking rewards!

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With 10,000 produced blocks, averaging 11.3% ROS, staking4ADA ranks among the top-10 best performing pool operators on the ITN. Together with our delegators, who have been so loyal during all these months, we are determined to repeat if not exceed our mutual success on the Cardano Mainnet.

If you’re interested to put your ADA to work just a little harder for extra returns, fill out the form below and we soon could be grabbing pole position on the wallet rankings together!
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[separator headline=”h5″ title=”1. Equally allocate your ADA between our 4ADA and F4ADA pools”]

  • Delegate one half to 4ADA. You receive regular staking rewards on this amount.
  • Pledge the other half to one of our other pools. On this amount you receive regular staking rewards AND
    • You receive a significant percentage of pool rewards on top of your staking rewards!

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  • No ADA ever needs to leave your wallet, we will never ask for any of your private payment keys or recovery phrases: your pledged ADA is safe at all times!
  • Minimum combined amount for staking/pledging: 400k ADA
  • Period: fixed up to 6 months, from 6 months indefinitely with 1-mth notice
  • Your pledge rewards are paid out every 6 epochs
  • Limited places available.

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Yes, I am interested to become a staking4ADA Pledge Partner, and would like to discuss this in more detail, using my initial preferences below as a starting point.

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