"Sir, Where Are My Rewards?"

As you have undoubtedly have noticed by now (I have!), the ITN is no longer paying out rewards, after the treasury ran out of funds (which originally were planned to last for 6 months).

The community will now vote whether or not to resume rewards at least for one more month in July.

Read up on all the details here:

Official: Cardano Update on ITN
We Are Looking for 'Shareholders'!

When Mainnet launches in August, it is in all of our delegator's (that probably means you :-) ) best interest for us to start producing as many blocks as possible right from the start.

For this reason we would like to give some of our larger delegators an opportunity to earn additional rewards, by pledging some of their capital to our pool:

Join Friends4ADA for Additional Rewards
Why A Higher Pledge is Better for All

On mainnet, by design of the Shelley protocol, pools with a relatively low pledge are unfortunately limited in the max. ROS they can generate for their delegators.

It is therefore imperative to have sufficient pledge for a pool to be competitive.

Also, having optimum pledge will inspire confidence to and attract new delegators, which have not been active on the ITN and still are unaware of our stellar performance ;-).

More importantly, attracting more delegated stake will let us produce more blocks, allowing us to ultimately offer yout the lowest possible fee for our service!

Live Preview of our Mainnet Pool

Click below for a glimpse of our test pool performance on the Shelley Haskell Testnet :-)

Happy staking ;-)


4ADA HTN Live View
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