ITN Rewards Likely To End June 21st

Recent calculations are indicating that the ITN Testnet will completely run out of funds to pay for staking and pool rewards around epoch 190, or June 21st. Depending on actual daily rewards payout, this could perhaps occur a day sooner or later.

The end of ITN rewards will conclude 6 months of huge progress for the entire Cardano community, with the introduction of hundreds of stake pools and thousands of devoted delegators, all happy to finally having been able to put their precious ADA to work!

IOHK will follow up on the end of ITN rewards with a ITN Snapshot and Balance Check. To read about these steps in more detail, please visit our latest blog post linked below.

Blog Post: ITN Rewards Likely To End June 21st

As soon as IOHK comes forward with more specific announcements about the end of ITN rewards or about the snapshot and balance check, we will let you know!

Until then,

Happy Staking!

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