[4ADA/2/3] - 5000 Blocks and counting!

Probably tomorrow, staking4ADA will produce its 5000th block on the Incentivized Testnet!

All three pools are in great shape, with a combined stake of over 150M tADA.

Dear Delegators💚, thanks to all of you, staking4ADA so far is a great success, at  least much more than we hoped for!

We hope that we've established just about enough awareness and a little bit of good reputation to get us started on mainnet.

We are certainly going to prepare for it and will keep you updated as we go along on this unknown but exciting path!

Incentivized Test Net, How Much Longer?

Although Charles has not been very specific during his latest update, the intention is probably to let the current ITN continue all the way to Shelley Mainnet.

However, a lot will depend on when the ITN treasury will run empty.

As of April 11, there were 79.9M tADA left, with 356M tADA in rewards paid out so far during 119 epochs.

With approx. 3M tADA left in the ITN treasury, rewards theoretically can no longer be paid out after epoch 145, which is around May 7.

Unless additional funds are found elsewhere. So, let's see...

Haskell Testnet is Coming, Slowly but Surely

During his update, Charles described how he sees the preparations for Shelley Mainnet taking shape over the next weeks.

First, there will be a closed Haskell testnet, which will then be opened up to all stake pool operators in order to get ready for mainnet.

The Haskell testnet will not involve staking rewards, but (probably) run in parallel with the current ITN.

How long this will take? No specific timeline was given, but my personal guess is the Haskell testnet will not start sooner than end of april, and will last for at least a number of weeks in total.

Keep in touch?

Do keep an eye on us, by visiting our live pool stats page:

Live Blocks

...or by taking a look at one of our recent blog posts:

You Can't Hurry Blocks

And remember, we're always looking forward to hear from you!

Until then,

Happy Staking! 🌞

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