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staking4ADA \u2014 Pool Updates<\/span><\/a><\/div>\n\n\n\n
Epoch 386 Result<\/u>4ADA: 104% (58\/61) \ud83d\ude42<\/b><\/i> - 1 height battle won, 1 height + 2 slot battles lostF4ADA: 66% (8\/8) \ud83d\ude1e<\/b><\/i> - 1 slot battle won4ADA's height battle was lost to a japanese pool FUN which minted its block 1 second after ours. Despite our average propagation time of 0.74s, clearly it took more than a second for our block to reach their block producer in time for them to append our block to the chain before minting their own. Their pool uses only a single relay which is bad practice, as one relay alone cannot establish sufficient connections to quickly pick up new blocks, especially if located in Japan... https:\/\/pooltool.io\/realtime\/8237503<\/a>Rewards payment (from ep385 result)<\/u>4ADA: 124% (69\/69) \ud83d\ude04<\/b><\/i>F4ADA: 115% (15\/15) \ud83d\ude04<\/b><\/i>Epoch 387 max rewards<\/u>4ADA: 102% \ud83d\ude42<\/b><\/i>F4ADA: 124% \ud83d\ude03<\/b><\/i>Happy staking! \ud83d\udcab<\/b><\/i><\/div>\n\n