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staking4ADA \u2014 Pool Updates<\/span><\/a><\/div>\n\n\n\n
Epoch 262 Result<\/u>Both 4ADA (40\/41 blocks) and F4ADA (27\/28 blocks) had just a single block getting orphaned -well below 5%- , so that's all good.4ADA rewards for the epoch will be 10% higher than expected. F4ADA's rewards are 5% lower than expected.Epoch 263 Outlook<\/u>4ADA is receiving 21% less blocks than it is entitled to (29 assigned from 36 expected), so not much luck there this time.F4ADA receives 31 blocks (29 expected), or 5% more, to even out the slightly below par result from epoch 262.How does it feel to be an ADA-hodler these days? Not bad at all eh?\ud83d\ude0a<\/b><\/i><\/div>\n\n