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Epoch 247 Result:

4ADA: 9% better than average
F4ADA: 13% below average
W4ADA: 85% better than average

Apart from a single orphan block for 4ADA (remember, up to 5% of blocks lost to orphans on average is normal and to be expected), all other blocks were successfully minted.

Epoch 248 Outlook:

4ADA: +7%
F4ADA: -6%
W4ADA: -23%

According to, 4ADA is still 5% down on its lifetime luck, while F4ADA is 3% up and W4ADA is 17% down on luck, so it is only fair that 4ADA gets a few blocks more than F4ADA these days. As for W4ADA, we demand at least 10 free blocks!🤨

Happy staking!💫
Epoch 249 Result:

4ADA: 2 orphan blocks and less blocks assigned than initially expected
F4ADA: all 20 blocks successfully minted
W4ADA: all 2 blocks successfully minted

About 4ADA: when verifying the details of our orphan blocks, we found errors in the script which predicts how many blocks we are getting assigned. We have now adopted a different method to predict those blocks. Read all about it here:

Epoch 250 Outlook

Although 4ADA rewards for epoch 249 are lower than inititally thought, epoch 250 fortunately will make up for it with 10% more blocks than average

F4ADA is even luckier with 25% more blocks in the pipeline!

W4ADA is still suffering from what are believed to be rounding errors for small pools, resulting in slightly lower block count: -12% this time.

Happy staking!☀️
Epoch 250 Results:

4ADA: 33 out of 36 blocks, despite 3 orphan blocks still >100% performance
F4ADA: 25 out of 27, despite 2 orphan blocks still 116% performance
W4ADA: both assigned blocks successfully minted: 88% performance

Epoch 251 Outlook:

4ADA: 115% (39 blocks)
F4ADA: 100% (25 blocks)
W4ADA: 142% (3 blocks)

Within moments, the Mary hardfork is to take place. Very exciting to see all this innovation coming to fruition!!

Happy staking!☀️

For a very long time, W4ADA has not been receiving the blocks it deserved, causing lifetime ROS to deteriorate up to a point where it has become relatively unattractive, even after we dropped the variable fee to 0% about a month ago.

Since, caused by the 340ADA minimum imposed fixed pool cost, most of the rewards lately have been going to the pool operator rather than to the delegators, we have decided to retire W4ADA and to give its delegators the opportunity to re-delegate their stake for higher future rewards.

Of course, we would like to show our appreciation to our W4ADA delegators, and invite them to re-delegate to 4ADA or F4ADA in order to qualify for a loyalty bonus!

Read all about the W4ADA pool retirement in today's blog post:

P.S. If you currently are in 4ADA or F4ADA, don't worry about the upcoming lower saturation limit (date yet to be announced); we will ensure a new pool will be available well in time if necessary!
Epoch 251 Result

We had an absolutely perfect epoch with not a single orphan block lost, out of 67 blocks assigned across all 3 pools in total. 🥳

So, results are as pre-announced, with 115% for 4ADA, 100% for F4ADA and 142% for W4ADA

Epoch 252 Outlook

4ADA's upcoming blocks are disappointing (77% of expected), F4ADA is neutral at 99% and whaddaya know; now we're retiring W4ADA, blocks arrive by the truckload, with 7 assigned where 2.94 were expected. So all W4ADA delegators for a change can look forward to double the normal rewards, at 238% -if there aren't any orphan blocks ofcourse 🤞-

Happy staking! ☀️
Epoch 252 Result

All blocks minted successfully apart from a single orphan block for 4ADA, bringing the results close to where they were expected, with lower than usual 4ADA (74%), normal F4ADA (99%), and spectacular W4ADA (238%).

Epoch 253 Outlook

4ADA: 99%
F4ADA: 130%
W4ADA: 52%

Thank for staking with us! 😃
The news is already 1 hour old so you probably know by now, but Coinbase just confirmed its ADA listing. Deposits can already be made, trading should commence March 18. Upwards & onwards! 🥳
Epoch 253 Result

With 31 minted blocks (2 blocks were orphaned, which is still within the normality of approx. 5%), 4ADA performed very slightly below average (-7%).

F4ADA, on the other hand, had an excellent result of 30% above average; all 33 assigned blocks (8 more than expected) were successfully minted.

W4ADA had its last epoch, with 1 minted block. The plan was to retire this pool from epoch 254 onwards, but since it does not cost any additional resources, we decided to keep it running for the time being. Should it get lucky enough to mint another block, 100% of the operator rewards will be donated to charity. Please understand that the chances of any rewards are very small, and that it is not wise to delegate to this pool. For this reason it has been removed from our homepage, and we will eventually remove it from our website altogether. Should there be any reward, we will notify our donation in a blog post, but of course you can also keep an eye on the pool yourself. The pool ID remains unchanged, but the ticker has been changed into [GIVE]:

Epoch 254 Outlook

Epoch 254's rewards are going to be a little disappointing, since both 4ADA and F4ADA received many blocks less than expected:

4ADA: 26/35.67 blocks = 73% max performance
F4ADA: 17/25.67 blocks = 66% max performance

Altogether though, your delegation is still well off with any of the two pools. The difference in yearly ROS compared to the top-10 performing pools is negligible, while both pool sizes are well under the saturation level of 64M, thus avoiding any risk to lose significant rewards due to saturation.

Happy staking! ☀️
Epoch 254 Result

With already low block assignment, 4ADA unfortunately also had to endure 2 orphan blocks, bringing rewards below the anticipated 73%.

(For those who are not yet familiar with the phenomenon of orphan blocks: statistically, every 10th block gets assigned by the Ouroboros protocol to be minted by more than 1 pool. Since only 1 block can be added to the chain, the protocol randomly picks one, leaving the other(s) without rewards.)

F4ADA minted all of its assigned 17 blocks, but as these weren't many to begin with also here we have to settle for just 66% of the rewards that can normally be expected on average.

Remember that rewards are always paid out 1 full epoch later, so epoch 254's rewards will be paid out at the start of epoch 256.

Epoch 255 Outlook

For epoch 255 things are back to normal for 4ADA and F4ADA, with 100% (36 blocks) and 105% (27 blocks) performance expectation respectively.

New Charity Pool GIVE

As mentioned last epoch, instead of retiring W4ADA, we have renamed it to [GIVE] and transformed into a 100% charity pool.

As long as we have the free resources, we might as well just keep the pool running and if it hits on a block, well, that is a nice bonus which will be donated to charity in its entirety.

Well, guess what... it is unbelievable, but with just 200k total stake, somehow GIVE has been elected to mint 4 blocks this epoch!! 🥳

This means that we can expect to be able to donate no less than 1000ADA 🤩 to charity in epoch 256 after the reward has been paid.

Keep an eye on the pool page where i'll keep you updated

Happy staking!☀️
Good friends,

As bitcoin and most of the rest of the crypto market (and not just crypto in fact) was a bit shaky these past few days, it is truly impressive to see how well ADA is maintaining its value!

Hats off to ourselves for being in the right place at the right time! 🤩

Epoch 255 Result

4ADA had a perfect score with all 36 assigned blocks minted successfully!

Lucky F4ADA was not so lucky this time with 3 orphaned blocks, which is unusually high, but entirely possible—the accumulated percentage of orphan blocks remains clearly lower than the statistically expected 5%.

GIVE minted all of its assigned 4 blocks, delivering an astonishing performance, more than 20 times of what normally is expected based on its active stake (less than 200k ADA which would mathematically indicate an assignment of just 0.18 blocks.

During epoch 256 we'll come up with a suitable charity for a 1,000ADA donation which will be made after these rewards have been paid out in epoch 257.

Epoch 256 Outlook

4ADA can look forward to no less than 51 blocks, representing a 132% rewards potential! 🥳

F4ADA's expectations are modest but still fair at 89%. 😌

No blocks for GIVE this time...

Happy staking to all!! ☀️💫
Epoch 256 Result

All 75 assigned blocks have been successfully minted and added to the chain! 👌

So, the rewards for 4ADA will be amazing (32% more than average), and F4ADA will be 11% less than average.

Epoch 257 Outlook

This is the first epoch in which stakepools will be minting ALL of the blocks!!!

We are tasked to contribute with 69 in total; 35 for 4ADA (7% less than expected), and F4ADA gets to do 34 (18% more than expected).

Cardano and you look great together.😘 Onwards & upwards! 💫
Epoch 257 Result

4ADA: out of the 35 assigned blocks, 32 were successfully minted, 1 block was orphaned as a result of dual slot leadership assignment. Another was lost as it was scheduled right in the middle of a rewards calculation freeze, which happens 48 hours after every epoch start (a node software update to mitigate this issue is expected to be released shortly), and the 3rd one is unexplained for, as it simply did not get minted despite all systems working normally (possibly an error in the script to calculate slot leadership schedules).

F4ADA: despite 2 orphaned blocks, which is slightly above the expected average of 5%), rewards will still be 8% higher than usual, with 31 minted blocks vs. the 28.7 expected blocks.

Epoch 258 Outlook

4ADA's rewards are expected to be great, with 19% more blocks assigned than expected. F4ADA falls slightly short with 6% less blocks.

GIVE: our amazing rewards from epoch 255 have been paid out. We are currently reviewing potential charities and expect to make a 1,000 ADA donation within a few days!

Happy staking! ☀️💫
Take care of our oceans!

Thanks to a lucky shot from GIVE, our 100% charity pool, we've donated 1,000ADA to OCEANA.ORG

Big thanks to all delegators and to Charles, who make it all possible!
Epoch 258 Result

Perfect epoch with 45/45 blocks for 4ADA (119% rewards) and 26/26 blocks for F4ADA (94% rewards)!

During this epoch we also upgraded all of our nodes to the latest v1.26.1 node software and upgraded one of our servers. Visit for more details.

Epoch 259 Outlook

-EDIT- we used an older version of the script to calculate our assigned blocks, leading to wrong results. These are the correct rewards expectations (good news: both are up!)
4ADA: 115%
F4ADA: 92%

Happy staking! ☀️
Epoch 259 Result

Performance was quite satisfactory this epoch with 42/43 blocks minted by 4ADA and 24/24 by F4ADA.

Epoch 260 Outlook

4ADA's rewards are very promising, with 15% more blocks assigned than expected. F4ADA's rewards will fall slightly short with -8%, but overall nothing really dramatic.

I hope you are enjoying the incredible performance that the crypto markets are showing to us once more these days. Upwards & Onwards!!

Happy staking 😊
Epoch 260 Result

Great epoch for 4ADA with 43 blocks (just a single orphan block), providing approx. 10% higher rewards than usual.

F4ADA is somewhat less thrilling, with just 93% of block assignment luck to begin with, and 2 orphan blocks pushing rewards a little lower towards approx. 85%.

Epoch 261 Outlook

Results are going to be average at best, with 89% block assignment for 4ADA and 100% for F4ADA. If it was up to us we'd mint them all, but slot battles with random outcome, potentially resulting into orphaned blocks, sometimes cannot be avoided. It's all part of the network protocol!

Happy staking and stay safe out there. Don't let the markets eat you alive! 💪
Epoch 261 Result

With just a single block left for 4ADA, and assuming we're going to successfully mint it, 4ADA is going to finish the epoch with 31/33 (2 orphan blocks, 82% vs. average rewards), and F4ADA finished with 28/29 blocks (1 orphan, 96% vs. average rewards).

Epoch 262 Outlook

4ADA's epoch looks very promising with 112% assigned blocks. The expectations for F4ADA are a little bit more modest with 95% assigned blocks vs. the average.

Just as a reminder for some of the newcomers: the number of blocks assigned to a pool every epoch, is proportionate to the size of the pool, but also randomized.

Sometimes a pool gets more blocks than expected, and sometimes less. Over a very long period, this so called slot lottery averages out so that every pool in the end gets the blocks it deserves based on its size.

Happy staking!☀️
Cardano is paving the way for a better future, and so are we! To ensure the long term stability of our platform, we soon will be launching a new pool. Over time, an additional pool hopefully will help us to broaden our delegator base, which makes us more resilient against fluctuations in total delegated stake. Staying on the move simply keeps us fit, allowing us to keep making those donations!

The new pool will replace GIVE, which is too small to have a fair chance at producing blocks, but has served its purpose more than well, by generating our most recent 1,000ADA donation to the Oceana foundation.

In order to fund the new pool, our 4ADA and F4ADA pledge will soon be reduced to 300k each. Reducing the pledge of our existing pools currently has no influence on their rewards whatsoever. We will take appropriate action if this should change in the future!

Happy staking!☀️
Epoch 262 Result

Both 4ADA (40/41 blocks) and F4ADA (27/28 blocks) had just a single block getting orphaned -well below 5%- , so that's all good.

4ADA rewards for the epoch will be 10% higher than expected. F4ADA's rewards are 5% lower than expected.

Epoch 263 Outlook

4ADA is receiving 21% less blocks than it is entitled to (29 assigned from 36 expected), so not much luck there this time.

F4ADA receives 31 blocks (29 expected), or 5% more, to even out the slightly below par result from epoch 262.

How does it feel to be an ADA-hodler these days? Not bad at all eh?😊
Epoch 263 Result

Flawless performance, with 29/29 minted by 4ADA, and 31/31 minted by F4ADA! 😁

Epoch 264 Outlook

Great news, with 108% expected performance for 4ADA (39 blocks) and —provided calculations have been correct— no less than 148% expected performance for F4ADA (42 blocks)! Let's not get the party started just yet, but it certainly looks like we can all look forward to some VERY nice rewards very soon!!👌

Happy staking to all!!☀️💫