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Epoch 263 Result

Flawless performance, with 29/29 minted by 4ADA, and 31/31 minted by F4ADA! 😁

Epoch 264 Outlook

Great news, with 108% expected performance for 4ADA (39 blocks) and —provided calculations have been correct— no less than 148% expected performance for F4ADA (42 blocks)! Let's not get the party started just yet, but it certainly looks like we can all look forward to some VERY nice rewards very soon!!👌

Happy staking to all!!☀️💫
Epoch 264 Result

Solid performance from both 4ADA and F4ADA.

With 39 blocks assigned to 4ADA and 42 blocks to F4ADA, 2 blocks of each pool were orphaned, which almost perfectly represents the 5% ratio for orphaned blocks which should on average be expected each epoch. (10% of all blocks are attempted to be minted by more than one pool, but only one of those pools is randomly selected and allowed to add the block to the chain and get the reward for that block).

Epoch 265 Outlook

We again can look forward to great block allocation, with 5% higher than expected blocks assigned to 4ADA and -again- an amazing 45% higher than expected blocks assigned to F4ADA. Bring on those fantastic rewards once more! 😄

Happy staking everyone and show me those diamond hands!!
As ADA has just reached a new ATH, we've got matching rewards this epoch, with 100% for 4ADA and yet another stellar epoch for F4ADA with 140% rewards!

The next epoch 266 looks very similar for 4ADA with 106% blocks in the pipeline. F4ADA is taking it easy, with 83% blocks vs. expected. No problem I would say, after just completing 2 consecutive epochs with 140%+ rewards!

As always, remember that rewards are paid out 2 epochs later, so you will very soon receive the rewards from epoch 264. The rewards from epoch 265 will reach your wallet shortly after starting epoch 167.

Happy staking!💫
Epoch 266 Result
3 blocks out of 4ADA's 37 were orphaned, which is one more than to be expected on average. 34 blocks still generated 95% rewards, so nothing to complain about, especially when comparing to some of the other percentage drops we saw these past few days!

F4ADA minted all 17 blocks successfully, delivering the maximum possible but modest 83% rewards.

Epoch 267 Outlook
Modest expectations across the board, with 82% expected rewards for 4ADA (29 blocks) and 93% for F4ADA (19 blocks).

Wow guys and girls, I am so glad that the majority of my crypto holdings -as you might have guessed- are in ADA.😅 I hope it is the same for you.

To illustrate my point, just have a look at the 7-day result in the top-10 as of right now.

Happy staking!!💫
Epoch 267 Result
Assuming we get the last 4ADA block scheduled just before epoch end, we'll have nailed a 100% block conversion score, getting the maximum from our rather modest allocation this epoch (4ADA 82% rewards, F4ADA 94% rewards).

Epoch 268 Outlook
Next epoch is much more promising with 111% upcoming blocks for 4ADA (39 blocks) and 104% for F4ADA (21 blocks).

I hope you have all sort of survived last week's events. We're still in a bit of a twilight zone, but I'd say the future looks more bright than dark at this point, so I will continue to add on dips from here onwards.

Happy staking! ☀️
Epoch 268 Result

Near-perfect performance with just a single orphaned block for 4ADA -not bad with 38/39- and all 21 assigned blocks for F4ADA successfully forged and added to the chain.

Results are therefore very close to those expected, with 108% rewards for 4ADA, and 104% for F4ADA.

Epoch 269 Outlook

4ADA: 31 blocks (88% vs. theoretical average)
F4ADA: 23 blocks (125% vs. theoretical average)

must watch—i guess i don't have to give you a heads up, but the other day Charles Hoskinson dropped another one of his youtube gemstones, contemplating our macro-economic environment and how blockchain is changing our lives:

Happy staking!💫
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Epoch 269 Result

One orphan block leaves 4ADA with an already expected modest result. F4ADA and UNST on the other hand have generated very satisfying rewards, all to be paid out automatically at the start of epoch 271.

For more information about our new pool UNST, please refer to our most recent newsletter which was mailed out earlier this week:

Epoch 270 Outlook

4ADA's blocks assignment looks very promising, while F4ADA and UNST are giving back most of the extra rewards they received in this epoch. Well, regardless the pool you're delegated to, sooner or later everything is going to average out anyway.

Happy staking!☀️
Epoch 270 Result

We did everything right, scored 100% blocks for F4ADA and UNST, but also ran into 3 orphan blocks for 4ADA. As you probably know, 10% of all blocks statistically get assigned to more than one pool. The protocol randomly picks one of those simultaneously produced blocks as the winner, resulting in 5% orphan blocks on average for every pool. Since getting 3 orphan blocks on a total of 41 is rather high, I double checked and found those 3 blocks were indeed minted by other pools. Fortunately 4ADA got 117% block allocation, so rewards are still at a comfy 110%.

Epoch 271 Outlook

4ADA again has great allocation with 15% more blocks than average. F4ADA is on a diet with just 78% and UNST gets 3 blocks rating it at 124%.

Happy staking!☀️

P.S. I have seen quite a few corrections since I bought my first bitcoin in 2017. I think the big one we're having now averages out with the two minor ones before that, so all-in-all we're still OK for some major upside later this year i think.🤞
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Epoch 271 Result

Perfect score across the board!

Epoch 272 Outlook

Great outlook for both 4ADA and UNST. F4ADA is still on a diet with again just 78% of expected rewards vs. average.

Please note that F4ADA historically has been more lucky (103%) than 4ADA (96%), so it only seems fair 4ADA gets a few more blocks these days 😊

UNST seems very attractive however it still needs more time to establish a good reputation for itself, with its yearly ROS so far still at 3%.

Happy staking to you all! ☀️💫
Epoch 272 Result

4ADA rewards 19% higher than average (anticipated: 33% higher)
F4ADA rewards 27% lower than average (anticipated: 22% lower)
UNST rewards 65% higher than average (as anticipated)

While UNST successfully minted all 4 assigned blocks, F4ADA encountered 1 orphaned block (result: 14/15) and 4ADA encountered 3 orphaned blocks, but also lost two blocks 😖(result 41/46). For full details, see down below.

Epoch 273 Outlook

4ADA is on a winning streak! After 117%, 115% and 133%, 4ADA now has 107% anticipated rewards.

F4ADA is on a losing streak! After 87%, 78% and 78%, F4ADA now has 73% anticipated rewards.

UNST is bouncing up and down, with 82%, 124%, 165% and now... no blocks which means 0% rewards.

Entire books can be written about the joys and frustrations of Cardano's slot leadership allocation algorithm. All I'll say at this point is that after rain comes sunshine and vice versa, and that all pools big or small will perform equally in the end.

Happy staking! 💫

4ADA failed two blocks
4ADA's relay failed around midnight jun-18/jun-19 local time. Automatic failover relay switching did not activate. By the time the issue was discovered and addressed (in just over an hour), 2 scheduled blocks were missed.

4ADA's relay most probably failed due to excessive incoming connections, resulting in RAM shortage. Precautions have been taken to avoid this from happening again, we are also working on improved failover scripting.

See below the missed leadership slots. In the screenshot below you will also see that 4ADA was not processing transactions during a period of just over an hour, before all pools and relays were restarted.

{ "no": 31, "slot": 32483890, "slotInEpoch": 343090, "at": "2021-06-18T23:03:01+02:00" }
{ "no": 32, "slot": 32487534, "slotInEpoch": 346734, "at": "2021-06-19T00:03:45+02:00" }
F4ADA's variable fee has just been reduced from 2% to 1% 😊

This will ensure it remains just as competitive as 4ADA or other pools, despite its somewhat smaller size.

If you are delegated to F4ADA you probably noticed rewards weren't that great since the last few epochs.

This is entirely due to bad luck in getting fewer blocks assigned by Cardano's randomizing Ouroboros protocol. We have been successfully minting every block assigned, apart from the occasional orphaned block which is expected and normal.

Nevertheless, we lost an important delegator (1.8M), who moved to —you've guessed it— a pool who just happens to be on a very lucky strike. Well, as all pools will average out their luck, or lack thereof, in the block lottery in the long run, you will usually see that lucky series are at some point followed by unlucky ones and vice versa.

So, rest assured, F4ADA is and will remain healthy, and the 1% variable fee will hopefully attract new delegators in the weeks to come.

Happy staking! ☀️💫
P.S. Due to the change, F4ADA may temporarily disappear from your wallet, but rest assured, if you are delegated to F4ADA, nothing changes and F4ADA will re-appear soon!

EDIT: F4ADA is visible and available in all wallets!
Epoch 273 Result

With just a single orphan block, 4ADA did really well minting 36/37 at 107% above average rewards. F4ADA minted all of its 14 blocks leaving it at 73% of what average rewards normally would be. UNST didn't have any blocks assigned this epoch.

Epoch 274 Outlook

All 3 pools are receiving less blocks than they ought to given their sizes. 4ADA can reach 90% of average, F4ADA 74% and UNST a mere 42%.

Well, considering where the price of ADA has gone this week, you'd almost say it doesn't really matter does it? Let's just keep our heads down, hodl and keep minting whatever is given to us 💪

Happy staking!☀️
Epoch 274 Result

4ADA 30/31 blocks (87% vs avg rewards)
F4ADA 14/14 (74%)
UNST 1/1 (42%)

4ADA's 1st block was within 2 minutes after epoch start, which unfortunately very often leads to lost blocks. Apart from that one, everything was minted without fault. Despite the good performance, rewards for this epoch will be very modest given the very low block count we were assigned.

Epoch 275 Outlook

Great rewards are right around the corner!

4ADA: 104%
F4ADA: 163% making up for the past 3 poor epochs
UNST: 126%

As always, happy staking! 💫 Keep enjoying your growing stack of ADA! 🤩
Epoch 275 Result

All 67 blocks across all 3 pools minted successfully! 🥳

Which results in the maximum possible rewards for this epoch as mentioned at epoch start: 4ADA 104%, F4ADA 163% and UNST 126%

Epoch 276 Outlook

4ADA 109%, F4ADA 92% and UNST 41%. Nothing to get thrilled about for F4ADA and UNST, but F4ADA still beats 4ADA by a close margin in terms of lifetime ROS: 5.15% vs. 5.10% 😉

Happy staking! ☀️💫
Epoch 276 Result

Despite 3 orphaned blocks (1 more than expected on average), 4ADA delivers 100% rewards, thanks to its higher allocation. F4ADA had 1 orphaned block, pushing its rewards just below 90% (down from 92% assigned blocks). UNST successfully minted its single assigned block.

Epoch 277 Outlook

4ADA is looking forward to 108% assigned blocks 😁, F4ADA will have to settle for a measly 64% 😖 and UNST received 124%! 🤩

Wishing you a great weekend. Do something nice!☀️
Epoch 277 Result

Perfect result with all 51 assigned blocks successfully minted across all pools, delivering 108% rewards for 4ADA, 64% for F4ADA and 124% for UNST.

Epoch 278 Outlook

F4ADA’s rewards are expected to be double of Epoch 277 (131%), 4ADA will normally land at 99% and UNST can again look forward to 124% rewards vs. average.

Happy staking as always!! 💫
Epoch 278 Result

A single orphaned block out of 57 assigned blocks is a great result. F4ADA and UNST land at around 125%, 4ADA comes in at just under 100%, so happy faces all around😁

Epoch 279 Outlook

Expected performance based on assigned blocks:

4ADA 95%
F4ADA 98%
UNST 124%

So, nothing to worry about, except perhaps for the general state of crypto. Well, the age of crypto has only just begun. I for one am not too worried. Better enjoy some sunshine these days! ☀️
Epoch 279 Result

With 49 out of 50, we nearly got all there was to be had this epoch (remember 5% orphaned blocks is the mathematically expected average, so just one missed block is quite alright actually). So this epochs' results are (vs. nominally expected rewards):

4ADA: 92%
F4ADA: 98%
UNST: 124%

Epoch 280 Outlook

Well, we just gotta temper our expectations once more, with not a whole lotta blocks coming at us this time:

4ADA: 72%
F4ADA: 77%
UNST: 83%

Just hold onto this thought: since the average block assignment will always end up being 100%, the above percentages mean we're going to flip one of them future epochs to the 120%+ side 😁

Happy staking!💫
Epoch 280 Result

On par performance with only one orphaned block for 4ADA and all assigned blocks minted for F4ADA and UNST. Rewards will be low for this epoch, since not many blocks were assigned to begin with.

Epoch 281 Outlook

With 102% assigned blocks for 4ADA and 114% for F4ADA, solid rewards are expected for these two 😎, UNST unfortunately has no blocks assigned .😕

Happy staking! ☀️