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Epoch 319 Result

Perfect 100% block production score, resulting in identical rewards performance for both pools: 112%

Epoch 320 Outlook

We have great rewards ahead of us, with 118% expected performance for 4ADA and no less than 187% for F4ADA!!🎉

To thank all our delegators for their continued loyalty and -let's be honest about it😊- to also hopefully attract some additional stake after the SundaeSwap ISPO bleed-out, both 4ADA and F4ADA will charge a 0% fee for the next couple of months (at least until June 1st)! Please help to promote us wherever you can in order to get us back on track. We need to survive at least until new pool parameter changes later this year to mitigate Cardano's centralization issues!💪

Last but not least, we thought it was time for another donation, this time to Sea Shepherd, who are actively protecting our ocean's wildlife:

Happy staking!💫☀️
Epoch 320 Result

Yet another epoch with 100% of assigned blocks successfully minted🎉, resulting in the following rewards performance:

4ADA: 118% 😎
F4ADA: 187% 🤩

Epoch 321 Outlook

Yes, the Sundaeswap ISPO has ended. If you've been away, we're really looking forward to have you back!!!

The pools are now at 0% variable fee and will stay that way for the time being 😊

Expected rewards performance this epoch is as follows:

4ADA: 89%
F4ADA: 112%

Happy staking and thanks for choosing us! We need you!!☀️💫
Epoch 321 Result
4ADA: 83% (1 orphaned block of 14 assigned)
F4ADA: 112% (all 6 assigned blocks minted)

Rewards payment (from epoch 320 result)
4ADA: 118%
F4ADA: 187%

Epoch 322 Outlook
4ADA: 73%
F4ADA: 131%

Big thank you to all Delegators who came back this epoch! Running a pool reliably is hard work so it is great to see our results are appreciated!!

Happy staking to all! ☀️💫
Epoch 322 Result

100% block conversion score, delivering the max anticipated performance for this epoch: 73% for 4ADA and 131% for F4ADA

Rewards payment (from ep. 321 result)
4ADA: 83%
F4ADA: 112%

Epoch 323 Outlook

Not that many blocks coming our way this time, leading to the following modest rewards expectation:

4ADA: 93%
F4ADA: 69%

Still waiting for most SS-chasing delegators to return, who are now probably trying to get some extra SUNDAE through one of the reverse ISO pools, which is just for a very short period if I'm correct.... However we have the pleasure of welcoming a new nr.1 largest delegator to 4ADA in our midst: 5.88M ADA!!!🤩🥳 Hopefully he or she will stick around for a while 😉

Happy staking!☀️
Epoch 323 Result

With not too many blocks assigned this epoch to begin with, and bumping on a single orphaned block out of 21 assigned (which is not out of the ordinary since, as you know, approx. 5% of all assigned blocks are statistically lost due to competing slot leadership assignments with random outcome), the results for these epoch are:

4ADA 88% rewards performance
F4ADA 69% rewards performance

Rewards payment (from ep.322 result)
4ADA 73%
F4ADA 112%

Epoch 324 Outlook

4ADA 109% expected rewards performance
F4ADA 69% expected rewards performance

So, F4ADA is now facing a 2nd disappointing epoch, but with a bunch of great epochs earlier on, overall performance is still great with just a tick under 5% ROS!

4ADA just passed two rather thin epochs as well, but is back on track with 109%!

Happy staking to all! 💫☀️

( 🇺🇦♥️ )
Epoch 324 Result

1 orphaned block out of 28 assigned, so well under the statistic average of 5%, resulting in the following rewards performance:

4ADA 104%
F4ADA 69%

Rewards payment (from ep.323 result)
We minted all blocks, unfortunately both pools didn't get many assigned this time:
4ADA 88%
F4ADA 69%

Epoch 325 Outlook

4ADA: 145% 🎉
F4ADA: 136% 🥳

Fat and juicy rewards coming up for both pools, enjoy!!

Happy staking ☀️💫
Epoch 325 Result

Fantastic rewards were generated this epoch, despite 2 orphaned blocks for 4ADA which is to be expected (5% of all blocks statistically get orphaned). However, after upgrading to the new 1.34.1 node software, 4ADA missed 1 additional block due to a load balancer failing to re-assign sufficient connections to the block producer after it came online again. F4ADA minted all of its assigned blocks, resulting in:

4ADA: 134% rewards
F4ADA: 136% rewards

Rewards payment (from ep.324 result)
4ADA: 104%
F4ADA: 69% (few blocks assigned, all successfully minted)

Epoch 326 Outlook
4ADA: 84%
F4ADA: 97%

A page was added to our website, explaining our charity donation policy. I'd be looking forward to your feedback, if any:

Happy staking!☀️
Epoch 326 Result
100% successful conversion of all assigned blocks, resulting in:

4ADA: 84% rewards performance
F4ADA: 97% rewards performance

Rewards payment (from ep.325 result)
4ADA: 145% 🎉
F4ADA: 136% 🥳

Epoch 327 Outlook
4ADA: 109% 😎
F4ADA: 48% 😳

Listen everyone, the markets are rather boring these days, and although increased volatility is expected, it wouldn't surprise me if things will continue to be boring for at least a few weeks or months to come. Might as well let your ADA do its thing, so just go enjoy some early springtime. Happy staking!☀️
Epoch 327 Result
Apart from a single orphaned 4ADA block, matching the expected 5%, all other blocks were successfully minted (32/33). resulting in:

4ADA: 105% rewards performance
F4ADA: 48% rewards performance (just 3 blocks assigned 😞)

Rewards payment (from ep.326 result)
4ADA: 84%
F4ADA: 97%

Epoch 328 Outlook
Fairly unexciting numbers:
4ADA: 86%
F4ADA: 95%

ADA is making some moves, wen new ATH?🙃

Happy staking!💫
Epoch 328 Result
4ADA and F4ADA each encountered 2 orphaned blocks, which is unusually high, although these were the first orphaned blocks for F4ADA since many many months. 3 out of these blocks happened because the next block was scheduled 1 second later, and with the increased network load, block propagation exceeds one second on a regular basis these days... These missed blocks led to the following rewards performance:

4ADA: 78% (reduced from 84% max performance this epoch)
F4ADA: 63% (reduced from 95% max perf)

Rewards payment (from ep.327 result)
4ADA: 105%
F4ADA: 48% (few blocks assigned, all minted)

Epoch 329 Outlook
F4ADA has a few rough epochs these days, but fortunately we have a chance to make up for it:
4ADA: 81%
F4ADA: 156%

4ADA's block assignment is rather poor these days, statistics will surely work in our favour again next epoch!😏

Happy staking and have a great weekend!💫
Epoch 329 Result
With just 1 block to go, we'll likely have successfully minted all of our assigned blocks, resulting in the following rewards performance:

4ADA: 81% 😐 we just weren't allocated more blocks
F4ADA: 156% 🥳

Rewards payment (from ep.328 result, this epoch is not going to pay for our lambos i'm afraid)
4ADA: 78%
F4ADA: 63%

Epoch 330 Outlook
The party continues for F4ADA, while 4ADA delegators are going to have to settle for a lot less fun yet again:
4ADA: 63%
F4ADA: 123%

4ADA's block assignment is rather poor these days, statistics will surely work in our favour again next epoch! (oh wait, didn't I already mention this last epoch as well?😏)

Hold on tight buddies, I am assuming everyone is strapped in for the 2022 bull run by now? Happy staking!!☀️
Epoch 330 Result
With 21 assigned blocks in total (14 for 4ADA and 7 for F4ADA), we hit 1 orphaned block, matching the statistically expected average of 5%. The resulting rewards performance:

4ADA: 63% (14/14 blocks)
F4ADA: 105% (6/7 blocks)

Rewards payment (from ep.329 result)
4ADA: 81% 😐
F4ADA: 156% 🥳

Epoch 331 Outlook
Well, let's not call this the epoch of death. However, both pools have quite terrible block assignment 😞:
4ADA: 67%
F4ADA: 55%

4ADA's block assignment is rather poor these days, statistics will surely work in our favour again next epoch! (oh wait, didn't I already mention this last two epochs as well?🤨😖)

Nevertheless, Happy staking to all!!☀️

PS Oh and wait, wasn't Snoop Dog going to make his appearance sometime soon? Or was this April fools? Haven't been on top of the news i'm afraid 😁
Epoch 331 Result
Despite minting all assigned blocks, we had one of the worst epochs ever, with just a few blocks coming our way:

4ADA: 67% (15/15 blocks)
F4ADA: 55% (3/3 blocks)

Rewards payment (from ep.330 result)
4ADA: 63%
F4ADA: 105%

Epoch 332 Outlook
4ADA has its best rewards outlook ever: 183% 🎉🤩
F4ADA: slightly sub-par at best but we'll take it!: 93%

We're further celebrating to have a returning 4M delegator back in our midst. Glad to see you and re-enjoy your stay!👍😄

Once again, happy staking to all!!☀️💫
Epoch 332 Result
With no less than 41 blocks assigned the occasional orphaned block cannot be avoided (2 in this case), but 4ADA nevertheless ends the epoch with what's possibly the highest epoch performance it's ever had! 🤩

F4ADA minted all of its 5 assigned blocks, completing our results as follows:

4ADA: 174% (39/41 blocks)
F4ADA: 93% (5/5 blocks)

Rewards payment (from ep.331 result)
4ADA: 67% (15/15 blocks)
F4ADA: 55% (3/3 blocks)

Epoch 333 Outlook
4ADA resting on its laurels with 84% expected performance 🤨
F4ADA: in the driver's seat with 130% expected performance

Happy staking!☀️
Epoch 333 Result
We're taking a few days of tomorrow, hence an early epoch report!

With 1 day to go, 4ADA has minted all of its 18 blocks scheduled so far, with 3 more to go, hopefully resulting in the maximum achievable 84% rewards performance.

F4ADA still has most of its blocks ahead but so far well underway to grab those 130% rewards.

Rewards payment (from ep.332 result)
4ADA: 174% (39/41 blocks)
F4ADA: 93% (5/5 blocks)

Epoch 334 Outlook
Great results on the horizon, with 123% expected performance for 4ADA, and 150% for F4ADA. Let's GÓÓÓ!!!

Happy staking everyone!☀️
Epoch 334 Result
4ADA: 119% (29/30) 🥳
F4ADA: 150% (8/8) 🤩

Rewards payment (from ep.333 result)
4ADA: 84% (18/18)
F4ADA: 130% (7/7)

Epoch 335 Outlook
4ADA going steady with a healthy 103% outlook, and F4ADA taking a small breather at 94% expected rewards, after the 130% + 150% result of the last two epochs.

Happy staking everyone!☀️
or... with Elon taking over Twitter, shoulda bought DOGE instead? 🤔😏
Epoch 335 Result
4ADA: 99% (24/25), 1 orphaned block, in line with the expected average
F4ADA: 94% (5/5)

Rewards payment (from ep.334 result)
4ADA: 119% (29/30) 🥳
F4ADA: 150% (8/8) 🤩

Epoch 336 Outlook
Very juicy max rewards expected for both pools!😁
4ADA: 147%
F4ADA: 131%

Happy staking everyone!💫

P.S. Greetings from warm sunny Brooklyn, NYC! ☀️
Epoch 336 Result
4ADA: 139% (34/36)
F4ADA: 131% (7/7)

4ADA encountered 2 orphaned blocks, in line with the expected average. The first orphaned block was scheduled right between two blocks from the same operator (Moonstake), just one second after its first one, so obviously its own block was propagated faster. The other one was a regular orphaned lost slot battle (whenever two pools are scheduled to produce the same block, the protocol randomly picks a 'winner').

Rewards payment (from ep.335 result)
4ADA: 99% (24/25)
F4ADA: 94% (5/5) 🤩

Epoch 337 Outlook
Average blocks for 4ADA and a few less for F4ADA:
4ADA: 103%
F4ADA: 75%

Happy staking everyone.💫
Epoch 337 Result
With the markets tanking across the board, our staking rewards may seem to be just a tiny drop in the ocean, but let's assume that doesn't make them any less important in the long run shall we !?

4ADA: 95% (24/26) 1 orphaned block too many for my liking, but it's all in the game every now and then.
F4ADA: 75% (4/4)

Rewards payment (from ep.336 result)
4ADA: 139% (34/36) 🥳
F4ADA: 131% (7/7) 😃

Epoch 338 Outlook
4ADA: 95%
F4ADA: 139%

Happy staking everyone. Buy that dip if you want to, but remember markets tend to go always lower than you think. Stay safe out there!💪
Epoch 338 Result
It is impressive to see how determined ADA-delegators are holding on to their coins and to see this bear market through. 73% of all ADA is still staked, and looking at 4ADA and F4ADA delegators, more of them seem to be being the 'dip' these days rather than selling it. 💪

Mind you, the worst might not be over for bitcoin just yet, so perhaps keep some dry powder on the sideline just in case!

4ADA: 87% (22/24)

Occasionally, block propagation is no longer as fast as it was a few months ago, so whenever blocks are scheduled within just a second or two between each other, there is an increased chance that blocks are orphaned. Our own propagation delays are 100% competitive and we will keep a close look to ensure they remain that way.

F4ADA: 139% (8/8) 🎉

Rewards payment (from ep.337 result)
4ADA: 95% (24/26)
F4ADA: 75% (4/4)

Epoch 339 Outlook
4ADA: 94%
Lucky F4ADA: 122%

Happy staking everyone! ☀️💫