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Epoch 360 Result
All assigned blocks minted!🥳

4ADA: 106% (37/37)
F4ADA: 121% (7/7) - 2 won slot battles!😏

Rewards payment (from ep.359 result)
4ADA: 96% (34/34)
F4ADA: 52% (3/3)

F4ADA (and 4ADA) Delegators, rest assured, the next 2 rewards payments are going to be great!

Epoch 361 max rewards
4ADA: 138% 🎉
F4ADA: 139% 🎉

Happy staking and keep cool!💫☀️

P.S. Vasil hardfork event scheduled for Sep 22. Exciting times ahead!!!
Epoch 361 Result
4ADA: 132% (48/50) 🥳
1 lost slot battle
1 block was orphaned. The next block was minted 1 second later by a small pool in the Philippines, and despite our block's average propagation delay of 0.79 second, it didn't make it all the way over there in time...

F4ADA: 139% (8/8) 🥳 - 1 won slot battle

Rewards payment (from ep.360 result)
4ADA: 106% (37/37)
F4ADA: 121% (7/7)

Epoch 362 max rewards
4ADA: 97%
F4ADA: 122% 🎉

Happy staking!💫☀️

P.S. We've just made another donation. This wouldn't have been possible without your continued delegation. Thanks a million for your help! You can find more details on our website:
Epoch 362 Result

4ADA: 94% (34/35) - 1 lost slot battle
F4ADA: 122% (7/7) 🥳 - 1 won height battle

Rewards payment (from ep.361 result)

4ADA: 132% (48/50) 🥳
F4ADA: 139% (8/8) 🥳

Epoch 363 max rewards

4ADA: 106% 😄
F4ADA: 190% 🎉🤩🥳 - this could be F4ADA's most rewarding epoch ever!

Great numbers all around! Happy staking!💫
Epoch 363 Result
4ADA: 101% (36/38) - 1 won slot battle, 2 lost
F4ADA: 190% (11/11) 🥂 - 1 won slot battle

Rewards payment (from ep.362 result)
4ADA: 94%
F4ADA: 122%

Epoch 364 max rewards
4ADA: 123% 😄
F4ADA: 142% 🎉

Great numbers all around—again!! Happy staking!💫
Epoch 364 Result
4ADA: 123% (44/44) - no slot battles encountered!
F4ADA: 142% (8/8) - 1 won slot battle
All 52 assigned blocks successfully minted!😏

Rewards payment (from ep.363 result)
4ADA: 101%
F4ADA: 190% - highest epoch rewards ever! 🥳

Epoch 365 max rewards
4ADA: 83% 😐
F4ADA: 106% 😁

Happy forking everybody! I also would like to wish all new delegators a warm welcome and thank all the old ones for your continued loyalty and support. Together we're making history! 🫶

P.S. starting tomorrow we're running maintenance on some monitoring nodes which may cause occasional dropouts in the live stats or pooltool tip reporting. No worries, pool service is uninterrupted!
Epoch 365 Result
4ADA: 83% (30/30) - 2 won slot battles
F4ADA: 106% (6/6)
All 36 assigned blocks successfully minted!

Rewards payment (from ep.364 result)
4ADA: 123%
F4ADA: 142%

Epoch 366 max rewards
4ADA: 91%
F4ADA: 141%

Solid performance once again, with all assigned blocks successfully now minted for two consecutive epochs.

Starting from epoch 368, 4ADA's variable fee will increase from 0% to 1%. Both pools have been at 0% since early this year, performance has consistently been up with the top-100 best performing pools, and I will ensure it stays that way.

Going from 0% to 1% is hardly noticeable for delegators, and definitely less than the average price swing of ADA during a single day. However it makes a big difference for us in making this job worthwhile and paying up for rising fixed and variable expenses.

4ADA will stay at 1% for at least 6 months, until April next year. F4ADA remains unchanged at 0% variable fee. Its rewards are more volatile, but lifetime ROS performance if on par with 4ADA, so if a zero-fee pool is a must-have, you know where to go! 😉

During next epoch I will write a blog post which outlines 4ADA and F4ADA's recent performance in more detail, and quantifies how a 1% variable fee increase affects your rewards.

Rest assured that our pools will always be priced moderately and competitively. Happy staking! ☀️💫
Epoch 366 Result
4ADA: 86% (32/34) - 1 lost slot battle, 1 lost height battle
F4ADA: 141% (8/8)

4ADA lost a height battle from an eToro pool (ET02) which encounters unusually many height battles, possibly caused by poor connectivity to the network.

Rewards payment (from ep.365 result)
4ADA: 83% (30/30)
F4ADA: 106% (6/6)

Epoch 367 max rewards
4ADA: 103%
F4ADA: 142% 🎉

Sigh, with 74% of all ADA in circulation being staked, rewards performance just isn't quite as good anymore as it was during the first year after mainnet launch. Oh well, it's still better than what your fiat bank has to offer 😏

Happy staking! ☀️
Epoch 367 Result
4ADA: 98% (36/38) - 2 lost height battles
F4ADA: 142% (8/8)

Both of 4ADA's lost height battles were due to other pools failing to propagate their block to us within the available window between their slots and ours. As always, our block performance can be tracked in detail on

Rewards payment (from ep366 result)
4ADA: 86% (32/34)
F4ADA: 141% (8/8)

Epoch 368 max rewards
4ADA: 96%
F4ADA: 156% 🎉

4ADA is not getting any spectacular block assignments these days. F4ADA is getting all the luck! ...for now... 😏

Happy staking! ☀️

P.S. if you are delegated to 4ADA, you may want to take a quick look at our latest blog post. It shows in detail how 4ADA's 1% variable fee really does not affect your rewards in any significant way:
Epoch 368 Result
4ADA: 85% (32/36) - slot battles: 2 won, 2 lost; height battles: 2 lost
F4ADA: 156% (10/10)

phew, that was quite a stormy epoch for 4ADA with many battles!
Slot battles just happen and they are a normal part of life. Height battles are more frustrating as they are indicative of less than optimal network performance, almost always caused by blocks getting propagated slower than the shortest possible 1-second delay between scheduled leadership slots. I think we are quite frankly doing an outstanding job on this front, but there are slower nodes out there, and sometimes it's just too hard to get a block from one corner of the world to the other in under a sec.

Rewards payment (from ep367 result)
4ADA: 98% (36/38)
F4ADA: 142% (8/8)

Epoch 369 max rewards
4ADA: 62% 😵
F4ADA: 94% 😏

Oops, it is what it is, not too exciting numbers, at least F4ADA can look back on a couple of great epochs the past few weeks. 4ADA could really use a big boost though. We want double-digit exceeding rewards and we want them NOW!

Happy staking! ☀️
Epoch 369 Result
4ADA: 57% (21/23) - 1 lost slot battle, 1 lost height battle
F4ADA: 94% (6/6)

With not many blocks assigned to begin with, we knew this epoch was not going to make us all rich overnight. And the lost slot+height battle for 4ADA didn't help...

Rewards payment (from ep368 result)
4ADA: 85%
F4ADA: 156%

Epoch 370 max rewards
4ADA: 99%
F4ADA: 106%

Come on, after these last few epochs, 99% is not going to cut it. 4ADA needs some serious block-luck already!! 🤌🤞🍀

Happy staking! 💫

P.S. Interesting fact about the slot battles: they always were supposed to have random outcome, but in reality -before the recent vasil hardfork- the smaller pool would always prevail. Since the vasil hardfork, slot battles are now dealt with in a slightly different way and smaller pools no longer have the benefit of winning the battle against a bigger pool. This change is now meeting stiff resistance from the SPO-community, since a lost slot battle has a far bigger negative on small pools with just a few blocks per epoch than it has on large pools with many blocks. Let's see if IOHK are going to be inclined to restore the pre-vasil behavior in a future update...
Epoch 370 Result
4ADA: 96% (36/37) - 1 won and 1 lost slot battle
F4ADA: 106% (7/7)

More blocks are coming next epoch for 4ADA!

Rewards payment (from ep369 result)
4ADA: 57% - performance was fine, there just weren't many blocks assigned to us...
F4ADA: 94%

Epoch 371 max rewards
4ADA: 112%
F4ADA: 92%

Happy staking! 💫
After a series of epochs which handed 4ADA very few blocks to mint, resulting in disappointing rewards, the tide seems to be turning in our favor with 112% rewards expectation for this epoch and 131% for the next!! 🤩

So… if you’re one of the ADA-millionnaires leaving us earlier this week and reading this, know it’s not to late to come back😅

And if you’re one of the many who’s just been hanging on… good on ya!!😆

As for all F4ADA delegators, there’s a small cloud on the horizon but you’ve always been and probably just continue to be what you simply are: lucky 🍀😉
Epoch 371 Result
4ADA: 112% (42/42)
F4ADA: 92% (10/10)

Rewards payment (from ep370 result)
4ADA: 96%
F4ADA: 106%

Epoch 372 max rewards
4ADA: 131%
F4ADA: 78%

Warm welcome to all new delegators and… happy staking! 💫☀️
Epoch 372 Result
4ADA: 126% (47/49) - 2 battles won (height + slot), 2 lost
F4ADA: 78% (9/9) - no battles

Rewards payment (from ep371 result)
4ADA: 112%
F4ADA: 92%

Epoch 373 max rewards
4ADA: 100% ☺️
F4ADA: 132% 🎉

As always, happy staking! ☀️
Epoch 373 Result
Flawless performance this epoch with all 50 assigned blocks minted successfully! 😁

4ADA: 98% (34/34) - no battles
F4ADA: 132% (16/16) - no battles

Rewards payment (from ep372 result)
4ADA: 126%
F4ADA: 78%

Epoch 374 max rewards
4ADA: 98%
F4ADA: 126%

Have a great start of the week! ☀️
Epoch 374 Result
4ADA: 95% (33/34) 🙂 - 1 slot battle won, 1 height battle lost
F4ADA: 132% (16/16) 😀- no battles

Rewards payment (from ep373 result)
4ADA: 98% 🙂
F4ADA: 132% 😁

Epoch 375 max rewards
4ADA: 115% 😁
F4ADA: 150% 🤩

Amazing how -despite the turmoil these days- nobody delegated to our pools seems to be selling their ADA. We're a diamond hand team!! 💎💪

Happy staking!💫
Epoch 375 Result
4ADA: 112% (39/40) 😁 - 2 slot battles won, 1 lost
F4ADA: 142% (18/19) 😀- 1 slot battle lost

Rewards payment (from ep374 result)
4ADA: 95% 🙂
F4ADA: 132% 😁

Epoch 376 max rewards
4ADA: 84% 🤨
F4ADA: 118% 😁

I wouldn't mind if 4ADA received a few more blocks every now and then. Other than that, nothing to complain really. And one thing is for sure: if you're staking with an independent, decentralized pool such as ours, your ADA is so much safer than on any exchange!!!

Happy staking!💫
Epoch 376 Result
4ADA: 79% (27/29) 😖 - 2 slot battles lost
F4ADA: 118% (15/15) 😀 - no battles encountered

If you are reading this report as one of our many new delegators, we wish you WELCOME! Your staking contribution makes us stronger, and lets us deliver even better rewards performance. We hope you enjoy your stay, and won't hesitate to reach out for any questions or feedback you may have!😊

Rewards payment (from ep375 result)
4ADA: 112% 😁
F4ADA: 142% 🎉🥂

Epoch 377 max rewards
4ADA: 103% 🙂
F4ADA: 85% 😏

While we're quietly accumulating our staking rewards, the markets seem primed for another leg down. However, there is a growing sentiment that we could be approaching what in a distant future could be identified as a macro-bottom. Time to pay attention!!

Happy staking!💫
Epoch 377 Result
4ADA: 100% (36/37) 😄 - 1 slot battle lost
F4ADA: 85% (11/11) 😏 - no battles encountered

4ADA saw an amazing influx of new stake these past few epochs, so our big thanks goes out to all existing and new delegators for your confidence, and your appreciation of our sustainable, decentralized and no-nonsense philosophy.

But even if you are here just for the rewards performance, you have been and still are in the right place: we are now #10 on's (previously native ranking, with the highest lifetime ROS in the top-50 (4.8%, together with a few more pools) 👍

And for those who are in F4ADA: stay right where you are, as lucky F4ADA's ROS is even higher still, @4.86% 😉

Rewards payment (from ep376 result)
4ADA: 79% 😑
F4ADA: 118% 😁

Epoch 378 max rewards
4ADA: 122% 😃
F4ADA: 92% 😏

Happy staking!☀️
Epoch 378 Result
4ADA: 114% (58/62) 😁 - 1 slot battle won, 2 height/2slot battles lost
F4ADA: 70% (9/12) 🤨 - 1 slot lost at epoch boundary, 2 slot battles lost

378 was slightly more messy than usual, with many height battles occurring across the board, due to elevated propagation delays from/to many pools. F4ADA also lost a very early block, happening during the sketchy, often erratic first 30 seconds after epoch start.

Rewards payment (from ep376 result)
4ADA: 100% 🙂
F4ADA: 85% 😕

Epoch 379 max rewards
4ADA: 73% 😒
F4ADA: 72% 😒
Whááát!? We're not happy with this allocation, unless the price of ADA increases by 30% this epoch.

Happy staking!☀️