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Epoch 386 Result
4ADA: 104% (58/61) 🙂 - 1 height battle won, 1 height + 2 slot battles lost
F4ADA: 66% (8/8) 😞 - 1 slot battle won

4ADA's height battle was lost to a japanese pool FUN which minted its block 1 second after ours. Despite our average propagation time of 0.74s, clearly it took more than a second for our block to reach their block producer in time for them to append our block to the chain before minting their own. Their pool uses only a single relay which is bad practice, as one relay alone cannot establish sufficient connections to quickly pick up new blocks, especially if located in Japan...

Rewards payment (from ep385 result)
4ADA: 124% (69/69) 😄
F4ADA: 115% (15/15) 😄

Epoch 387 max rewards
4ADA: 102% 🙂
F4ADA: 124% 😃

Happy staking! 💫
Epoch 387 Result
4ADA: 96% (52/55) - 1 slot battle won, 3 slot battles lost
F4ADA: 124% (15/15) - 2 slot battles won

Slot battles should actually be called slot lotteries, since their outcome is decided randomly, not by strength or any other quality or skill. Fact is that statistically a few percent of all minted blocks get orphaned because of these.

Rewards payment (from ep386 result)
4ADA: 104%
F4ADA: 66% (all assigned blocks were successfully minted)

Epoch 388 max rewards
4ADA: 106% 😁
F4ADA: 92% 🫤

Happy staking! ☀️💫
Epoch 388 Result
4ADA: 102% (55/57) - 1 slot battle won, 2 lost
F4ADA: 92% (11/11) - no battles

Rewards payment (from ep387 result)
4ADA: 96%
F4ADA: 124%

Epoch 389 max rewards
4ADA: 77%
F4ADA: 100%

Have a great weekend! ☀️
Hi all, just a short message to notify that all relays and block producers are up and running, after what seems to be a bug stopped around 60% of all cardano nodes in their tracks.

As a result of our outage (the issue occurred around 1AM local time), 4ADA lost 2 blocks, F4ADA lost 1, so our damage is fairly limited!😅

As soon as I have more details I will let you know, but as for now, as said, everything is up and running as normal!💪

See also below message from Charles

Following the network glitch of last weekend, Charles just gave a small update, indicating that its root cause may never be found.

Within minutes after the event happened, causing over 50% of all network nodes to crash, our nodes restarted automatically.

Despite the improper shutdown, most of our nodes recovered fine, but our block producer (and one of its connected relays) started replaying the entire blockchain, rather than attempting to jump straight to the tip of the chain. This led to a few missed blocks which unfortunately were scheduled in short succession after the event. After restarting the delayed nodes, everything resumed back to normal approx. 90 minutes after the event.

There are ways to force a node to skip data integrity checks and make it jump to the tip of the chain straight away, which we will implement going forward, in order to prioritize block production rather than initial data integrity.
Epoch 389 Result
4ADA: 73% (38/40) - 1 slot + 1 height battle won, 2 lost
F4ADA: 91% (10/11) - no battles, 1 lost to network glitch (see previous post)

Rewards payment (from ep388 result)
4ADA: 102%
F4ADA: 92%

Epoch 390 max rewards
4ADA: 111%
F4ADA: 84%

Happy staking! ☀️
Epoch 390 Result
4ADA: 105% (56/59) - 2 slot battles won, 2 height + 1 slot battles lost
F4ADA: 84% (10/10) - no battles

Rewards payment (from ep389 result)
4ADA: 73% next payment will be 105% 😅
F4ADA: 91%

Epoch 391 max rewards
4ADA: 101% 🙂
F4ADA: 177% 🤩

Not too happy with the block assignment these past few epochs. At least F4ADA now gets a well deserved bonus. But 4ADA would deserve it even more. Next time..?

Happy staking! 💫☀️
Epoch 391 Result
4ADA: 95% 🙂(49/52) - 1 slot battle won, 1 height + 1 slot battle lost
F4ADA: 169% 🤩 (20/21) - 1 height battle lost

Rewards payment (from ep390 result)
4ADA: 105%
F4ADA: 84%

Epoch 392 max rewards
4ADA: 123% 😄
F4ADA: 121% 😄

Happy saturday night! 💃🏽🕺
Tonight there will be some maintenance for a few hours. Pools are up ofcourse, but website may be down.
Maintenance done, in the meantime, blocks were minted as usual, all back to normal now! 😎
Epoch 392 Result
4ADA: 117% 😁(61/64) - 1 slot battle won, 2 slot/1 height lost
F4ADA: 112% 😁 (13/14) - 1 slot battle won, 1 height battle lost

Rewards payment (from ep391 result)
4ADA: 95%
F4ADA: 169%

Epoch 393 max rewards
Both pools are unfortunately already giving back last epoch's gains: 😑
4ADA: 83%
F4ADA: 79%

Happy staking!💫
Epoch 393 Result
Not a thrilling epoch with few assigned blocks to begin with...

4ADA: 79% (42/44) - 1 slot battle won, 2 height battles

The height battles were lost to poorly connected pools scheduled 1 second after us. Our blocks were propagated in half a second, but the next pools were too slow in incorporating our blocks before minting their own. Unfortunately, the protocol normally prefers the most recent block, thereby orphaning ours...😤

F4ADA: 79% (9/9) - no battles encountered

Rewards payment (from ep392 result)
4ADA: 117% 😁
F4ADA: 112% 😁

Epoch 394 max rewards
4ADA: 121% 😃
F4ADA: 71% ☹️

As always happy staking!💫

P.S. following the contingent staking with interest. Unfortunately most Twitter-folk do not seem to think very deeply before quacking out their opinions. Share your questions or thoughts below if you feel like it!
Epoch 394 Result
4ADA: 117% 🥳 (62/64) - 4 slot battles won, 2 lost
F4ADA: 71% (8/8) 🤷‍♂️ - no battles

Rewards payment (from ep393 result)
4ADA: 79% - there just weren't more blocks...
F4ADA: 79% - there just weren't more blocks...

Epoch 395 max rewards
4ADA: 89% ☹️
F4ADA: 106% 😃

Happy staking!💫
Epoch 395 Result
4ADA: 89% (48/48) - 2 slot battles won
F4ADA: 106% (12/12) - 1 slot battle won

Flawless epoch for both pools! 💪

Rewards payment (from ep394 result
4ADA: 117%
F4ADA: 71% (all assigned blocks successfully minted)

Epoch 396 max rewards
4ADA: 87% 😐
F4ADA: 77% ☹️

Oops, not too many blocks, but on the other hand a nice weekend to look forward to! 😏

Happy staking! ☀️💫
Epoch 396 Result
4ADA: 87% (47/47) - 2 slot battles won
F4ADA: 77% (9/9) - no battles

2 flawless epochs in a row for both pools!👌

Rewards payment (from ep395 result
4ADA: 89%
F4ADA: 106%

Epoch 397 max rewards
4ADA: 95% 😐
F4ADA: 72% ☹️

Grrr, 2nd (3rd for 4ADA) epoch with sub-100% block assignment. Let's just hope for an early spring from here onwards ☀️

Happy staking! 💫
Epoch 397 Result
4ADA: 92% (50/51) - 1 slot battle won, 1 lost
F4ADA: 64% (8/9) - 1 slot battle lost

Rewards payment (from ep396 result
4ADA: 87% - all assigned blocks minted
F4ADA: 77% - all assigned blocks minted

Epoch 398 max rewards
4ADA: 94%
F4ADA: 106%

We want more blocks, and we want them now! (but we're not really getting them assigned just yet)

Keep calm and stake on☀️
Epoch 398 Result
4ADA: 92% (50/51) - 1 slot battle won, 1 lost
F4ADA: 98% (12/13) - 1 slot battle lost

Rewards payment (from ep397 result
4ADA: 92%
F4ADA: 64%

Epoch 399 max rewards
4ADA: 84% 😒
F4ADA: 56% 🤯

Outrageous how bad our block assignment has been these past few epochs ...and still is! This can only mean one thing: fortune must be just around the corner. In the meantime, ADA is holding up better than stablecoins 💪. I do have some USDC though which I miraculously managed to dump at its low of the day. Market, you're welcome 🫡

Keep calm and stake on☀️
Epoch 399 Result
4ADA: 79% (43/46) - 2 slot battles, 1 height battle lost
F4ADA: 56% (7/7) - 1 slot battle won

Rewards payment (from ep398 result
4ADA: 92%
F4ADA: 98%

Epoch 400 max rewards
4ADA: 94% 😒
F4ADA: 88% 😒

sigh, our assignment luck is rather low—again. I hope you'll stick around and remain confident that statistics will always prevail which means that there are better days ahead 😅

Happy staking!☀️
Epoch 400 Result
4ADA: 90% (50/52) - 2 slot battles
F4ADA: 88% (11/11) - no battles

Rewards payment (from ep399 result
4ADA: 79%
F4ADA: 56% - 😩 all assigned blocks minted

Epoch 401 max rewards
4ADA: 79% 😒
F4ADA: 157% 😍

4ADA keeps running low on assignment luck. For F4ADA the tide is turning with great epoch rewards around the corner!

Happy staking!☀️

P.S. We have updated all nodes to the latest version and switched a few relays to P2P-mode, which lets the node automatically find and select other nodes in the network. We keep our hand-picked nodes in our topology as well, since this guarantees the fastest block propagation performance.