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Epoch 280 Result

On par performance with only one orphaned block for 4ADA and all assigned blocks minted for F4ADA and UNST. Rewards will be low for this epoch, since not many blocks were assigned to begin with.

Epoch 281 Outlook

With 102% assigned blocks for 4ADA and 114% for F4ADA, solid rewards are expected for these two 😎, UNST unfortunately has no blocks assigned .😕

Happy staking! ☀️
Epoch 281 Result

1 orphaned block, 34 successfully minted out of 35 for 4ADA. All 16 F4ADA blocks also minted successfully. UNST had no blocks assigned. All of this resulting in:

4ADA 99% rewards
F4ADA 114% rewards
UNST 0% rewards

Epoch 282 Outlook

4ADA 104% blocks assigned 😁
F4ADA 103% blocks assigned 😁
UNST 0 blocks assigned (again 😞)

Cardano is heading into an exciting few months.
Guys & girls, I think we picked the right coin,
Happy staking! 💫
Epoch 282 Result

I'm happy to report a 100% performance with all 51 assigned blocks minted successfully 😀, so the results are:

4ADA 104%
F4ADA 103%
UNST 0% (no blocks assigned)

Epoch 283 Outlook

We are again expecting solid rewards, with 112% assigned blocks for 4ADA, 104% for F4ADA and 124% for UNST. Happy hodling and happy staking to all! ☀️💫
Epoch 283 Result

4ADA scored 38/40. One regular orphaned block and the first block was scheduled less than 2 minutes after epoch start, and those very early blocks usually get lost unfortunately. That said, 4ADA still reached 107% rewards!💪

F4ADA and UNST minted all assigned blocks successfully, resulting in their anticipated max rewards of 104% and 124% respectively!💪💪

Epoch 284 Outlook

4ADA: 115%
F4ADA: 155% (yessir we have a winner 😉)
UNST: 83%

Furthermore, since ADA cracked the 2 dollar mark, again, we are expecting some modest partying this weekend at a few random locations around the globe 😁

Happy staking!☀️💫
Epoch 284 Result

Assuming we're going to catch the last 4ADA block, scheduled in about half an hour, we're going to print yet another great result, with:

4ADA 40/41 = 112% rewards
F4ADA 21/21 = 155% rewards! 🎉🥂
UNST 2/2 = 83% rewards

As always, paid out 1 full epoch later, so at the start of epoch 286

Epoch 285 Outlook

- 4ADA is taking the back seat for a change, with only 82% expected rewards
- F4ADA is lined up for yet another fantastic result: 135%
- UNST is still lagging way behind the blocks it normally should get assigned, however it's time to catch our breath with 192% coming up!

It was diamond hands all the way down, now show me those diamond hands on the way up everyone! Happy staking!☀️
Epoch 285 Result

This is another episode of the staking4ADA good news show, not only with ADA virtually at USD 3.- but also with yet another perfect epoch on the counter:

4ADA 29/29 = 82% rewards (there just wasn't more in the pipeline this time)
F4ADA 18/18 = 135% rewards
UNST 3/3 = 192% rewards

Epoch 286 Outlook

Another great 5 days on the horizon, with

4ADA: 37 blocks = 104% rewards potential 😁
F4ADA: 23 blocks = 176% rewards potential 🤩
UNST: 1 block = 68% rewards potential 😕

Enjoy and stake happily! ☀️💫
Epoch 286 Result

Perfect score, successfully minting 61/61 blocks! 💪, resulting in:

4ADA 104% rewards
F4ADA 176% rewards
UNST 68% rewards

Epoch 287 Outlook

4ADA is giving the 4% above par back, with 96% expected rewards. F4ADA gets to keep a good chunk of those extra 76% by giving back only 14% (86% expected rewards). UNST fully compensates its weak epoch 285 with 135% expected rewards!

We're again one epoch closer to smart contracts. Exciting isn't it!?

As always, happy staking!💫☀️
Epoch 287 Result

Perfect score once again, apart from a single orphaned 4ADA-block (just a reminder if you're new to Cardano; orphaned blocks statistically happen for 5% of all blocks produced). Expected rewards weren't going to be huge though, given our modest block assignment for this epoch:

4ADA: 93%
F4ADA: 86%
UNST: 135%

Epoch 288 Outlook

4ADA is back on track with 104% expected rewards, however F4ADA can only reach 77% this time, and UNST did not get any blocks allocated at all.

Well, a few blocks more or less, do we really care these days with ADA at 3USD?😝

Happy staking!☀️💫
Since we already finished our blocks, might as well send out an early report:

Epoch 288 Result

100% block conversion, so not a single assigned block was missed, resulting in:

4ADA 104% rewards
F4ADA 77% rewards (can't mint blocks we don't have 🤷‍♂️)
UNST 0% rewards (no blocks assigned unfortunately)

As usual these rewards are paid out 2 epochs later, so at the start of epoch 290

Epoch 289 Outlook

Swift price recovery (we hope 😅)
4ADA 94% rewards
F4ADA 101% rewards
UNST 68% rewards

Happy staking!!☀️💫
Epoch 289 Result

We encountered a few orphaned blocks this epoch (2 for 4ADA, 1 for F4ADA). Verification shows that these blocks were indeed lost to other pools with identical slot leadership allocations for these blocks. For those unfamiliar with how Cardano's Ouroboros protocol works: every 10th block on average is assigned to more than one pool, with one block randomly getting picked as the winner, causing approx. 5% of all blocks to get orphaned.

So, the rewards performance for epoch 289 is a bit lower than average: 4ADA 88%, F4ADA 93% and UNST 68%.

But now worries, this will get generously compensated for in the next epoch!

Epoch 290 Outlook

Great block allocation for 4ADA and F4ADA, promising the following rewards performance:

4ADA 118%
F4ADA 155%
UNST 0% (no blocks)

This epoch, our network will be fully smart contract capable!!!

One day, if it hasn't happened already, you're going to look back and smile, knowing that starting to stake on Cardano was one of the best decisions you had ever made up until that point!!! 💪👍👌☀️💫
Epoch 290 Result

After a smooth transition into the Alonzo era, 4ADA achieved 112% rewards, with two orphaned blocks, in line with the expected 5% average 😁

F4ADA's first block was scheduled only 2 seconds after the very first block in Alonzo era minted by HUSKY pool, but HUSKY's block apparently did not get propagated to our nodes fast enough, causing F4ADA's block to get forked-off and orphaned. All other blocks were minted successfully, allowing F4ADA to deliver very generous 147% rewards!😃.

As always, expect these rewards to be paid out 2 epochs later, at the start of epoch 292.

Epoch 291 Outlook

Healthy rewards expected for 4ADA once again, with 103% blocks assignment.

F4ADA is on a rampage, with no less than 171% expected rewards 🤩. Congratulations to all delegators!!
Epoch 291 Result

It was business as usual for us, with all assigned blocks successfully converted into rewards, apart from a single orphaned 4ADA block, resulting in 100% rewards for 4ADA and no less than 171% rewards for F4ADA—you will see these in your wallet at the start of epoch 293!

Epoch 292 Outlook

4ADA has 115% blocks coming up. With 96% blocks, F4ADA is not giving up any of its gains from the past few epochs, and guess what; UNST has been blessed with a block as well.

Happy staking! It's encouraging to see how everyone keeps on hodling that precious ADA 😊
Epoch 292 Result

All 50 assigned blocks successfully minted! So, rewards performance for this epoch is:

4ADA 115%
F4ADA 96%
UNST 114%

Epoch 293 Outlook

This epoch is going to be very similar to the previous one, expecting the following rewards:

4ADA 109%
F4ADA 93%

Happy staking!☀️💫
Epoch 293 Result

100% score, with 35 blocks for 4ADA and 13 for F4ADA, resulting in 109% and 93% respectively (no blocks for UNST)

Epoch 294 Outlook

Solid rewards on the horizon once again, with 101% block assignment for 4ADA and no less than 144% for F4ADA 🎉!

Happy staking!☀️💫

Important information for UNST delegators: please re-delegate to 4ADA or F4ADA

As you probably have noticed, Our UNSToppable ADA pool has not been able to build a solid reputation with sufficient ROS to attract sufficient stake for long term survival.

Despite having never missed a single block (so far, 43 blocks have been successfully minted) and with the lowest possible fee, results simply were not attractive enough to attract more delegators. Why? Simply because block assignment has consistently been below par, preventing the pool from showing average or higher ROS. We therefore have decided to retire UNST a few weeks from now, which will soon be flagged in the wallets as well.
Epoch 294 Result

Solid performance with just a single orphaned block out of 52 in total, leaving 4ADA with just under 100% rewards, and with F4ADA at a mighty 144%🎉!

Epoch 295 Outlook

Mind you, with all the luck especially F4ADA but also 4ADA has had over the last weeks, all good things seem to come to an end at least for now, with very, very modest expectations for 295: 91% for 4ADA and 🙈F4ADA at a mere 45%.

But nothing to worry I would say, with just another huuuuge bull run around the corner, so

Happy staking!☀️
Yet another epoch report from your devoted and hard-working stake pool operator 😅

Epoch 295 Result

When you don't get too many blocks assigned it's even more important not to miss any. Which is exactly what we achieved: 33 out of 33, confirming our maximum achievable performance this epoch: 4ADA 91% and F4ADA 45%, to be paid out in epoch 297.

Epoch 296 Outlook

Albeit slightly better, we're going to have to sit through yet another mildly exciting epoch, with the following expected rewards performance: 4ADA 99%, F4ADA 67%.

A comforting thought: our lifetime ROS performance is still on par with the best pools out there. According to, 4ADA currently sits at 4.99% and F4ADA is doing even better at 5.13%!!

As for the markets... these past few weeks looked fairly similar to 2017, with yet another China ban in september and altcoins beginnging to suffer against bitcoin for weeks on end, after BTC had started its phenomenal rise towards its peak in december. NFA but try not to sell all of your alts in the red to btc in the green (or less red) at this point, as they usually will make up for those losses in the end!

Happy staking! Don't underestimate the importance of that additional free ADA in the end! 💪
Epoch 296 Result

F4ADA minted all 9 assigned blocks, securing the maximum possible rewards for this epoch of 67%.

4ADA missed 3 blocks out of 29 assigned, resulting in 89% performance (where 99% would have been the maximum achievable for this epoch).

Analysis shows that 4ADA had 2 lost slot battles (remember that statistically 5% of all blocks are lost to competing pools). But the third lost block got dropped after it did not get propagated in time to the pool scheduled to produce the next block, just 1 second later. I have verified our pools' average propagation delays (on and they are absolutely in line with the vast majority of all other pools, so this drop-out can be considered a one-off, but we'll keep monitoring carefully.

Epoch 297 Outlook

4ADA's outlook is bright and sunny again, with 118% expected max. performance.

It still appears to be payback time for F4ADA, after a magnificent series last month, with only 61% expected rewards.

Well, these things always average out, as long as we're not losing unnecessary blocks, you'll always be well of with us.

Happy staking!💫☀️
If you currently are experiencing unusually big differences in rewards from one epoch to the next, these are caused by higher than average fluctuations in the number of blocks we recently have been assigned.

As you know, block assignment is randomized and beyond any pool's control. Over time, these variations cancel each other out, resulting in the same average block assignment, relative to their size, for all pools.

So, just in case you are wondering what's going on, please rest assured that both 4ADA and F4ADA are in great shape, and that we are still a great pick among the top-100 pools with 1000+ blocks, 250k+ pledge and safely below pool saturation out there!

To learn more about our relative performance, have a look at our latest block post:
Epoch 297 Result

We've reached a 100% conversion score, with 42 successfully minted blocks in total, resulting in great rewards for 4ADA (18% higher than average), ...but not so great rewards for F4ADA (39% lower than average).

Epoch 298 Outlook

4ADA delegators can look forward to another great epoch, with 39% more blocks assigned than average. F4ADA on the other hand is still on a diet, with 15% less blocks coming than what we're entitled to.

Comment about MELD

As you may have noticed, MELD pools have been soaking up a lot of stake lately. They currently have over 600M ADA worth of stake, filling 10 pools. Check for all the details, but my rough estimate is the total rewards, which they apparently will use to build a DEX, will have reached approx. 8M ADA by december.

Just to make it clear: MELD pools charge a 99% fee, so their delegators do NOT receive any ADA rewards. Instead, delegators will receive an unknown quantity of tokens of unknown value sometime in the future (january 2022?).

Of course I encourage all delegators to do what they think is best for them, and if all MELD delegators some day can look back on their decision to have delegated to MELD and be happy about it, that will for sure be a big win for the Cardano ecosystem. Let's just say that over the years i've probably seen too many cash grabs in crypto to understand what makes delegating to MELD seem so attractive. 🤷‍♂️ If anyone can explain it to me please let me know.

Happy staking, with whichever pool that floats your boat! ☀️⛵️
Epoch 298 Result

We're probably going to rake in that last 4ADA block in about 15 minutes as well, giving us yet another 100% performance score 👍.

For 4ADA this means decent ping-ping (139% rewards!), but F4ADA did not get too many blocks thrown its way, so 85% is the best we could do this epoch.

Epoch 299 Outlook

Looks like 4ADA (108% expected rewards 😄) is getting some of the luck that F4ADA has had for such a long time, but now sorely has to miss for several epochs in a row already. F4ADA's expected rewards for this epoch come in at a measly 54% 😖.

If you're a F4ADA delegator, please don't panic 😉. F4ADA's lifetime luck is still at 102% vs. 97% for 4ADA. F4ADA also still beats most pools out there with 5.09% ROS! This is just Ouroboros' statistics at work, forcing all pools to ultimately revolve around the same averages.

Surprising how easy we're getting used to high returns, but not to losses, huh? Remember that markets are designed around this principle in order to take our money. Don't give in!!💪

Happy staking!💫☀️