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Epoch 337 Result
With the markets tanking across the board, our staking rewards may seem to be just a tiny drop in the ocean, but let's assume that doesn't make them any less important in the long run shall we !?

4ADA: 95% (24/26) 1 orphaned block too many for my liking, but it's all in the game every now and then.
F4ADA: 75% (4/4)

Rewards payment (from ep.336 result)
4ADA: 139% (34/36) 🥳
F4ADA: 131% (7/7) 😃

Epoch 338 Outlook
4ADA: 95%
F4ADA: 139%

Happy staking everyone. Buy that dip if you want to, but remember markets tend to go always lower than you think. Stay safe out there!💪
Epoch 338 Result
It is impressive to see how determined ADA-delegators are holding on to their coins and to see this bear market through. 73% of all ADA is still staked, and looking at 4ADA and F4ADA delegators, more of them seem to be being the 'dip' these days rather than selling it. 💪

Mind you, the worst might not be over for bitcoin just yet, so perhaps keep some dry powder on the sideline just in case!

4ADA: 87% (22/24)

Occasionally, block propagation is no longer as fast as it was a few months ago, so whenever blocks are scheduled within just a second or two between each other, there is an increased chance that blocks are orphaned. Our own propagation delays are 100% competitive and we will keep a close look to ensure they remain that way.

F4ADA: 139% (8/8) 🎉

Rewards payment (from ep.337 result)
4ADA: 95% (24/26)
F4ADA: 75% (4/4)

Epoch 339 Outlook
4ADA: 94%
Lucky F4ADA: 122%

Happy staking everyone! ☀️💫
Epoch 339 Result

4ADA: 91% (23/24)
F4ADA: 122% (7/7)

Rewards payment (from ep.338 result)
4ADA: 87%
F4ADA: 139%

Epoch 340 Outlook
4ADA: 90%
F4ADA: 82%

F4ADA has nothing to complain about, but let’s hope this epoch will end 4ADA’s sub-100% streak!

Happy staking! ☀️
Epoch 340 Result

4ADA: 86% (22/23) - 1 orphaned block
F4ADA: 82% (5/5)

Rewards payment (from ep.339 result)
4ADA: 91% (23/24)
F4ADA: 122% (7/7)

Epoch 341 Outlook
4ADA: 118%
F4ADA: 115%

Great rewards coming up next epoch. Hang in there, bear market not over, potentially for many months, just find yourself another hobby and keep stacking that ADA 😁

Happy staking! ☀️
Epoch 341 Result

4ADA: 111% (29/31)
- 1 block not propagated within 2 seconds to the next slot leader who operates a single relay in Singapore...
- 1 lost slot "battle" (they aren't really battles since winners of pools competing for the same slot are selected randomly by the protocol)
F4ADA: 115% (7/7)

Rewards payment (from ep.340 result)
4ADA: 86% (22/23)
F4ADA: 82% (5/5)

Epoch 342 Outlook
4ADA: 130% 🎉
F4ADA: 115% 💪

This payout is rather unimpressive, but the next two are going to be great for both pools! 😁

Happy staking! 💫
Epoch 342 Result

4ADA: 115% (30/34)
Decent rewards, despite no less than 4 failed blocks this epoch. In two cases, the next block was scheduled just 1 second later. Which sometimes is too short, depending on the propagation delays between relays. The picture at the top shows an example.

Two other blocks were lost to other slot leaders with blocks scheduled at the exact same time. We statistically are supposed to win half of them, but this time the odds apparently were against us...

F4ADA: 115% (7/7)
With less blocks scheduled there is less chance to miss any, but if it happens, the impact on rewards is greater.

We have had the pleasure of welcoming quite a few new delegators these past few weeks, but I'd particularly like to highlight the arrival of a new major delegator, strengthening 4ADA with no less than 5.74M ADA! 🎉 As always, please get in touch whenever you have any questions, feedback or input!

Rewards payment (from ep.341 result)
4ADA: 111% (29/31)
F4ADA: 115% (7/7)
Epoch 343 Expected rewards

4ADA: 102%
F4ADA: 97%

Happy staking! 💫☀️
Epoch 343 Result

4ADA: 98% (26/27)
Just a single orphaned block, well within the expected average.

F4ADA: 97% (6/6)

Rewards payment (from ep.342 result)
4ADA: 115% (30/34)
F4ADA: 115% (7/7)

Epoch 344 Expected rewards
After the juicy rewards payment from ep.342, this is going to be a tough one especially for F4ADA:

4ADA: 85% (27 blocks)
F4ADA: 48% (3 blocks 🥺)

If you ask me, Cardano is shaping up to become the most attractive blockchain of 'em all! Question is when the Crypto market flood gates are opening up. Could be next month or could be next year 😂

Happy staking! 💫☀️
Epoch 344 Result

4ADA: 83% (24/27)
3 unfortunate blocks: 1 lost slot battle, 1 scheduled too tight (1 second after the preceding slot leader) and 1 block orphaned due to an unexplained, unusually long propagation delay)

F4ADA: 48% (3/3)
Very low rewards, but next epoch will make up for it!

Rewards payment (from ep.343 result)
4ADA: 98% (26/27)
F4ADA: 97% (6/6)

Epoch 345 Expected rewards
4ADA: 93% (29 blocks)
F4ADA: 130% (8 blocks)

Rough times for the average hodler. We're nevertheless holding up pretty good, better than bitcoin which is quite remarkable indeed!

It'll probably get worse still, but it'll also get much, much better too, you'll see 😌

Your staking rewards are the best way to dollar cost average! 💫☀️
Epoch 345 Result

4ADA: 83% (26/29)
F4ADA: 130% (8/8)

Again 3 orphaned blocks for 4ADA (1 due to propagation delay, 2 lost battles), but...

Both 4ADA's and F4ADA's lifetime ROS are still within the top-100 best performing pools with at least 1000+ minted blocks!💪

Rewards payment (from ep.344 result)
4ADA: 83% (24/27)
F4ADA: 48% (3/3) - next payment will be 130%!

Epoch 346 Expected rewards
4ADA: 73% 😑
F4ADA: 148% 😛

As "exactly predicted" last epoch, the markets did get worse, but it looks like some relief could be on its way! 😌

Keep stacking those lovelaces! Happy staking!💫☀️
Epoch 346 Result

4ADA: 64% (20/23) 😑
2 blocks that were minted 1 second before our blocks, were not propagated fast enough to our pool, causing our blocks to be orphaned. The 3rd orphaned block was just the occasionally statistically unavoidable lost slot battle.

F4ADA: 148% (9/9) 🥳

Rewards payment (from ep.345 result)
4ADA: 83% (26/29)
F4ADA: 130% (8/8)

Epoch 347 Expected rewards
4ADA: 101%
F4ADA: 83%

After a few somewhat disappointing epochs, 4ADA is picking up the pace again with 101% rewards expectation. Despite only 83% expected rewards, F4ADA these days still has the upper hand in terms of luck though.

Enjoy your weekend!☀️
Epoch 347 Result

4ADA: 98% (31/32) just a single orphaned block can be considered a good result these days ☺️

F4ADA: 83% (5/5) made the most of just 5 blocks! 😅

Rewards payment (from ep.346 result)
4ADA: 64% (20/23) - pretty ugly, but my gut feeling says we're going to have a few great epochs ahead of us!
F4ADA: 148% (9/9) - buy yourself an extra beer!

Epoch 348 max rewards
4ADA: 104%
F4ADA: 101%

Our pools are doing great, it sometimes makes me wonder why we're so cheap. Oh yes I remember, must be because we're not constantly shilling ourselves on social media 😏. Though I do think it's time for another head to head comparison, so stay tuned!

Happy staking!! 💫☀️
Epoch 348 Result

4ADA: 104% (33/33)
F4ADA: 101% (6/6)
It's been a while since we could successfully mint all of our assigned blocks, which has become less and less obvious since propagation times across the network often exceed 1 second or longer, making it harder to get new blocks forwarded in time.

Rewards payment (from ep.347 result)
4ADA: 98% (31/32)
F4ADA: 83% (5/5) - get someone else to buy you that extra beer 😉

Epoch 349 max rewards
4ADA: 119% 😁
F4ADA: 16% 😱

F4ADA has its lowest block assignment it's ever had: just a single block, where it nominally should get 6 based on its active stake. But don't panic; if you are staking with F4ADA, know that you are receiving the top-25 highest lifetime ROS among all pools with at least 1,000 blocks (source:

So, keep calm and carry on happy staking!! 💫☀️
Epoch 349 Result

4ADA: 116% (37/38)
F4ADA: 16% (1/1)
So, just a single orphan for 4ADA (taking a guess we'll hit the last block too, which actually is due in exactly 7 minutes from now), and as for F4ADA , well, at least we got the block so we're making the most of it!

Rewards payment (from ep.348 result)
4ADA: 104% (33/33)
F4ADA: 101% (6/6)

Epoch 350 max rewards
4ADA: 102%
F4ADA: 129%

It took a whole 18 months for F4ADA to get such low block assignment as we just did this past epoch. Let's assume it'll take at least another 18 before that happens again!😅

Stake happily!☀️
Epoch 350 Result

4ADA: 99% (32/33)
F4ADA: 129% (8/8)
Good result, since minting 40 blocks out of 41 really isn't that obvious anymore, given the lengthening propagation delays!

Rewards payment (from ep.349 result)
4ADA: 116% (37/38)
F4ADA: 16% (1/1) - YUP, these low rewards may come as a shock, but overall F4ADA is still luckier than most other pools! And check out your next rewards: 129%!!😁

Epoch 351 max rewards
4ADA: 99%
F4ADA: 67%

Happy staking!💫☀️
Epoch 351 Result

4ADA: 97% (31/32) - last block result pending
F4ADA: 67% (4/4)

Rewards payment (from ep.350 result)
4ADA: 99% (32/33)
F4ADA: 129% (8/8)

Epoch 352 max rewards
4ADA: 129%
F4ADA: 84%

Keeping it short and sweet during my holidays over the next couple weeks. Happy staking and greetings from France!💫☀️
Epoch 352 Result

4ADA: 114% (37/42) - with longer propagation times due to increased block sizes, 10%+ orphaned blocks is not exceptional, albeit a bit higher than usual.
F4ADA: 84% (5/5)

Rewards payment (from ep.351 result)
4ADA: 97% (31/32)
F4ADA: 67% (4/4)

Epoch 353 max rewards
4ADA: 119%
F4ADA: 17% - F4ADA is slowly but surely paying the price for its exceptional luck in the past—lifetime luck still higher than 4ADA at this point!

Happy staking!!💫☀️
Epoch 353 Result

4ADA: 116% (38/39)
F4ADA: 17% (1/1)

Rewards payment (from ep.352 result)
4ADA: 114%
F4ADA: 84%

Epoch 354 max rewards
4ADA: 77%
F4ADA: 67% - F4ADA is absolving an unlucky streak, can soon only get a lot better!

Happy staking!!💫☀️
Epoch 354 Result

4ADA: 73% (23/25)
F4ADA: 67% (4/4)

Rewards payment (from ep.353 result)
4ADA: 116%
F4ADA: 17% - please note, this is the result of minting just the single block we were assigned for this epoch. Just as there’s always sunshine after rain, there’ll be very lucky epochs after this one as well!😁

Epoch 355 max rewards
4ADA: 92%
F4ADA: 68%

Happy staking!!💫☀️
Epoch 355 Result

4ADA: 92% (30/30)
F4ADA: 68% (4/4)

All blocks successfully minted! 🥳 However rewards are moderate due to less than average block allocation.

Obviously we are happy with all new delegators big or small, but a special mention nevertheless goes out to our new 1.63M 4ADA delegator. Thanks for joining and making the rewards of all our delegators ever so slightly more attractive!!😁

Rewards payment (from ep.354 result)
4ADA: 73% (23/25)
F4ADA: 67% (4/4)

Epoch 356 max rewards
4ADA: 73%
F4ADA: 151% 🤩!! told you good times were a-coming

Happy staking!!💫☀️