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Epoch 297 Result

We've reached a 100% conversion score, with 42 successfully minted blocks in total, resulting in great rewards for 4ADA (18% higher than average), ...but not so great rewards for F4ADA (39% lower than average).

Epoch 298 Outlook

4ADA delegators can look forward to another great epoch, with 39% more blocks assigned than average. F4ADA on the other hand is still on a diet, with 15% less blocks coming than what we're entitled to.

Comment about MELD

As you may have noticed, MELD pools have been soaking up a lot of stake lately. They currently have over 600M ADA worth of stake, filling 10 pools. Check for all the details, but my rough estimate is the total rewards, which they apparently will use to build a DEX, will have reached approx. 8M ADA by december.

Just to make it clear: MELD pools charge a 99% fee, so their delegators do NOT receive any ADA rewards. Instead, delegators will receive an unknown quantity of tokens of unknown value sometime in the future (january 2022?).

Of course I encourage all delegators to do what they think is best for them, and if all MELD delegators some day can look back on their decision to have delegated to MELD and be happy about it, that will for sure be a big win for the Cardano ecosystem. Let's just say that over the years i've probably seen too many cash grabs in crypto to understand what makes delegating to MELD seem so attractive. 🤷‍♂️ If anyone can explain it to me please let me know.

Happy staking, with whichever pool that floats your boat! ☀️⛵️
Epoch 298 Result

We're probably going to rake in that last 4ADA block in about 15 minutes as well, giving us yet another 100% performance score 👍.

For 4ADA this means decent ping-ping (139% rewards!), but F4ADA did not get too many blocks thrown its way, so 85% is the best we could do this epoch.

Epoch 299 Outlook

Looks like 4ADA (108% expected rewards 😄) is getting some of the luck that F4ADA has had for such a long time, but now sorely has to miss for several epochs in a row already. F4ADA's expected rewards for this epoch come in at a measly 54% 😖.

If you're a F4ADA delegator, please don't panic 😉. F4ADA's lifetime luck is still at 102% vs. 97% for 4ADA. F4ADA also still beats most pools out there with 5.09% ROS! This is just Ouroboros' statistics at work, forcing all pools to ultimately revolve around the same averages.

Surprising how easy we're getting used to high returns, but not to losses, huh? Remember that markets are designed around this principle in order to take our money. Don't give in!!💪

Happy staking!💫☀️
Epoch 299 Result

4ADA - OK we still have 2 blocks to go, but we're probably going to end the epoch around 104% vs. expected rewards (with 1 orphaned block).

F4ADA - the block lottery God (named Ouroboros) has been rather rough on us lately, so despite minting all blocks assigned, rewards again aren't going to be very heartwarming, with 54% vs. expected rewards.

Epoch 300 Outlook

4ADA - we were assigned a few blocks less, predicting 81% rewards 😑

F4ADA - let the good times begin again, with 134% expected rewards!!🥳

Happy staking! Just let ADA catch her breath until she feels ready for her next olympic medal 🥇
Epoch 300 Result

Maximum achievable result with all 39 assigned blocks successfully minted! Resulting in 81% rewards performance for 4ADA and a very strong run indeed for F4ADA with 134%! 👏

F4ADA Delegators, be aware the rewards you are about to receive are from epoch 299, hence very low, but they will be almost entirely compensated by this epoch's result, paid out at the start of epoch 302.

Epoch 301 Outlook

4ADA can look forward to a strong epoch with 128% expected rewards performance. Also F4ADA hasn't really got much to complain about, with 96% expected rewards.

Both pools are in great shape and are providing the same long term ROS, however F4ADA's rewards are more volatile -sometimes much less, sometimes much more than average- because of its smaller size relative to 4ADA.

Happy staking! ☀️
Dear Staking4ADA Delegator,

Staking4ADA has applied to become a pool for SundaeSwap. Although much is still unclear at this stage, this could be a great opportunity for us to offer you additional benefits (regardless if you are delegated to 4ADA or F4ADA), perhaps even some SundaeSwap tokens!

At the start of the next epoch (302), you will be able to vote for us, and with a bit of luck we might get elected!

Please visit to find out how the voting process works (you basically have to select us (type 4ADA in the search field) and vote by sending a small specific amount of ADA to yourself).

Come on everyone, let's give this a try!!! 🚀😃
Epoch 301 Result

Both 4ADA and F4ADA's results turned out to be fairly similar, with 4ADA performing 20% better than average, and F4ADA 10% below.

Epoch 302 Outlook

Stellar rewards expected for 4ADA: 164% !!🥳
F4ADA unfortunately will have to settle for 66% at best. It should be a comforting thought though to realize that F4ADA on average still performs slightly better than 4ADA 😏

Happy staking!☀️💫

Oh and don't forget to vote for us, it's important!!
The tables have turned: next epoch F4ADA is on pole position 🏎, while 4ADA is taking a back seat in another car 🛺
Epoch 302 Result

4ADA just minted its last block for this epoch, resulting in the following scores for both pools:

4ADA: 157%! 🎉🚀 (43/45 - 2 orphans)
F4ADA: 66% 😒(8/8 - that's all there was in it)

Epoch 303 Outlook

This time, it will be party time for F4ADA, compensating at least the two previous epochs with a monster allocation worth 181% of normally expected rewards! 🤑

Hangover time from the epoch 302 party for 4ADA delegators: 69% is all there is going to be. But hey, as they say 69 is not a bad number in and of itself is it?😏

For anyone wondering if 4ADA or F4ADA is really the place to be for reassuringly good rewards.... Yes it is!! Check our our performance comparison with our 50 largest competitors:

As far as the SundaeSwap voting is concerned. To be honest I think we're not going to make it, my biggest voter (5M+) is travelling and had issues with Yoroi (who hasn't...) making it unable to vote for us, but let's see how everything pans out.

Happy staking!💫☀️
Epoch 303 Result

All of our blocks for these epoch were successfully minted, apart from a single orphaned 4ADA block, lost to one of the Binance pools... 😖, resulting in 65% rewards for 4ADA and no less than 181% rewards for F4ADA.

4ADA's next payout (from epoch 302) however, is its 3rd best ever, so there's always a reason to celebrate, as long as you're looking in the right places 😁

Epoch 304 Outlook

Nothing special happening in Epoch 304, with 98% expected rewards for 4ADA and a generous 124% for F4ADA.

sTake it easy!😎
Epoch 304 Result

Perfect score all around, with all 42 assigned blocks minted and added to the chain🥳, resulting in a 98% rewards score for 4ADA and 124% for F4ADA.

Epoch 305 Outlook

4ADA looks forward to a comfy 107% rewards expectation, whereas F4ADA as we all know is on a somewhat bumpier ride because of its smaller size; from 124% in the previous epoch now down to 64%.

But remember, averaged out over a long periode, both pools provide the same top-rank results👌!


So we lost the SundaeSwap election by a few inches, but staying with us might actually get you something far more interesting than a handful of those 'other' tokens...

Every epoch until the end of the year, one QUADRILLION (4 million) $HOSKY tokens will be rewarded to a randomly selected participating 4ADA and F4ADA delegator.


Either in this channel or on Twitter, just leave us any ADA-address from your wallet delegated to 4ADA or F4ADA (You can also send it via DM). On the first day of every epoch (starting epoch 306), two delegators -one from 4ADA and one from F4ADA- will be randomly selected to receive 4M $HOSKY tokens and instantly become quadrillionaires. (only the winning addresses will be communicated, not any names).

And you know what's better about these tokens than every other token out there. That's right, you got it, THEY NEVER GO DOWN IN PRICE! 🤣

Happy staking!💫☀️
Epoch 305 Result

With all 36 blocks minted successfully, rewards are exáááctly as predicted: 107% for 4ADA and 64% for F4ADA.

Epoch 306 Outlook

4ADA: 116%
F4ADA: 103%

And we have 2 shiny new HOSKY quadrillionaires in our midst! Owners of the following two addresses can look forward to receiving 4,000,000 HOSKY in their wallets!


Would you also like to have a chance of becoming a HOSKY quadrillionaire? Just stay delegated to one of our pools and send us any address from your delegated wallet on Telegram via DM (@JVeeh), or via personal message on Twitter (@Staking4ADA)

Happy staking!💫☀️
Epoch 306 Result

Ran into 2 orphaned blocks, nothing out of the ordinary, but still solid rewards all around with 4ADA coming at 107% and F4ADA at 103%

Epoch 307 Outlook

Almost feels like getting spoiled with 137% expected rewards for 4ADA and 116% for F4ADA. Yay!!😀

We've got 2 new HOSKY Quadrillionaires!
Check out the winning addresses at the bottom of the page here:

Happy staking! One ADA might seem like just an ADA these days, but it will turn out to be nothing less than one whole entire ADA, probably as soon as next year!☺️
Epoch 307 Result

With all scheduled blocks behind us, the score for this epoch is as follows:

4ADA: 32/34 blocks resulting in 129% rewards 🥳

I can't tell for sure if one or both orphaned blocks were caused by several malicious or unserious SPO's running multiple instances of their pools in parallel, thereby constantly forking the network. Much credit to Andrew Westberg for discovering this issue!

F4ADA: 12/12 blocks resulting in 116% rewards 🥳

Epoch 308 Outlook

Take another good look at the above rewards, as we're going to have to settle for a lot less in this epoch, especially F4ADA!

4ADA: 94% of average rewards 😐
F4ADA: 39% of average rewards 😱

For F4ADA delegators it is important to note that F4ADA's smaller size leads to higher rewards fluctuations, which do balance each other out in the long run. So, this time we have 39% but remember that not so long ago, in epoch 302, F4ADA reached 181%!!

Since, in my opinion, it's too late to sell any ADA even if you wanted to, and with the upcoming festivities, this actually might be a good time to take a break from checking crypto price action too often. It is what I have been doing for the last few days and boy it is actually rather refreshing!😁

So, as always, happy staking! Just let your ADA keep doing its thing ☀️💫



Epoch 308 Result

All 23 4ADA blocks successfully minted, and 1 F4ADA block unfortunately got orphaned, resulting in 94% and just 30% respectively.

Epoch 309 Outlook

F4ADA is scheduled to level out the previous epoch with 166% expected rewards performance in this epoch!

I must say I have rarely seen such a huge swing in assigned blocks, with for F4ADA just 4 blocks in the previous epoch and 17 blocks in the next!

4ADA is taking things easy this time, with 78% expected rewards.

Happy staking!☀️

This epoch's quadrillionaires are:


Congratulations! Not participating yet? Read all about it here:
I know, it's a bit early, but since I'll be away from my desk for a few days, please check our homepage just before epoch change to see how we did this epoch.🙂

Epoch 310 Outlook

F4ADA delegators: the upcoming rewards received in your wallet are quite low due to very low block assignment in epoch 308. No need to be sad for too long 🥲 since your rewards from epoch 309 will fully compensate for that!😅

Our expected rewards performance for epoch 310 will be:
4ADA: 111%
F4ADA: 98%

Our next HOSKY Quadrillionaires from epoch 309 are:

addr1qyq540…spwqc addr1q8u62sdwyw49

Congrats and, as always guys 'n girls, HAPPY STAKING!💫
Epoch 310 Result

All 37 blocks across both pools successfully minted, resulting in the anticipated rewards performance of 111% for 4ADA and 98% for F4ADA 😁

Epoch 311 Outlook

4ADA will have to give up its ep310 overperformance, with 86% expected rewards. F4ADA on the other hand is looking forward to a nice bonus: 128% !

And our new HOSKY Quadrillionaires are


Short but sweet. Happy staking!! 💫☀️

Oh and before I forget: soon we are going to hit 5,000 successfully minted blocks! This calls for some celebration NFT's so stick around for those!!🚀
Epoch 311 Result

All F4ADA blocks successfully minted resulting in 128% rewards performance. 1 orphaned 4ADA block so far. With 2 more blocks to go, we’ll probably reach ca. 82% rewards performance.

Epoch 312 Outlook

86% rewards expected for 4ADA and 118% for F4ADA.

But… do we really care right now? We’ve got better things to do! Go have a great new year’s eve (if you’re not having one already) and a terrific start of 2022!!🥳🍾💥💫

Looking forward to continue to bring you great staking rewards in the new year🙏🏻


P.S. Our upcoming next $HOSKY quadrillionaires will have to wait until i’m back at my desk on jan 2nd.😁
Epoch 312 Result

4ADA was not so lucky this epoch with its first block scheduled only seconds after epoch start, which is almost a guarantee of losing the block as the network is stumbling for a few minutes while busy processing new epoch data. In addition, two orphaned blocks were encountered, resulting in just 74% rewards performance.

F4ADA got away lucky, with all blocks successfully minted and expecting great rewards to begin with: 118%

Epoch 313 Outlook

Nominal rewards expected for 4ADA (99%) and yet again plenty of blocks for F4ADA: 127%!

Happy staking!☀️💫

And now on to our happy new $HOSKY quadrillionaires both for epochs 311 and 312. This epoch (313) will be the last chance to win! visit to register!

Epoch 312
addr1q8...v7pa, addr1qyy...4e5p

Epoch 313
addr1q8...283d, addr1qy...hehz
Epoch 313 Result

4ADA reached 95% rewards performance, and F4ADA achieved yet another great result with 127%.😄

Earlier today, 4ADA and F4ADA combined crossed the mark of 5000 successfully minted blocks on the Cardano Mainnet! Quite an achievement since both pools came online during the very first Shelley epoch on Mainnet (epoch 209), back in August 2020.

Obviously this milestone could not have been reached without the loyal support from so many delegators, many of whom already joined staking4ADA back in the days of the Incentivized Test Net as early as december 2019. 🙏

Even though competition from SPO's is getting fiercer every day, we so far have been able to survive, mainly because of one single fact: our great performance! There really aren't that many pools left which still can deliver lifetime 5% ROS, and we are determined to keep giving you our best for as long as you'll let us!

To celebrate, we've created our own commemorative NFT coin! If you want one, you can pick it up at : just click the "get perk!" button, enter any address from your delegated wallet, and you'll receive it there, as long as you're willing to pay for the approx. 1.5ADA transaction fee.(*)

Epoch 314 Outlook

4ADA delegators can look forward to fat juicy rewards, with 138% expected rewards performance!!

After 2 very generous epochs (118% + 127%), the outlook is now fairly grim for F4ADA with only 40% on the counter this epoch! We told you it is getting rather bumpy, but long term F4ADA will continue to do just as great!

And now for our final HOSKY Quadrillionaires. Thanks to all participants and if you were lucky to win some, don't push the price lower than it already is by spending them all at once please 😂.


Happy Staking! 💫☀️

(*) psst, if you just want to download the coin, which is probably the smartest thing to do with most NFTs anyway, just scroll down on the homepage and click on the 4ADA or F4ADA "view perks" button 😉
Epoch 314 Result

All 37 assigned blocks successfully minted, resulting in the previously advertised 138% rewards for 4ADA and just 40% for F4ADA.

Epoch 315 Outlook

4ADA is up for 114% and F4ADA for a very comfy 140%!🎉

Enjoy your staking rewards and your weekend!🥂