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staking4ADA \u2014 Pool Updates<\/span><\/a><\/div>\n\n\n\n
Epoch 402 Result<\/u>4ADA: 100% (56\/57) \ud83d\ude04<\/b><\/i>- 1 slot battleF4ADA: 111% (14\/14) \ud83d\ude01<\/b><\/i>- no slot battlesRewards payment (from ep401 result)<\/u>4ADA: 77% \ud83d\ude10<\/b><\/i>F4ADA: 149% \ud83e\udd29<\/b><\/i>Epoch 403 max rewards<\/u>4ADA: 114% \ud83d\ude00<\/b><\/i>F4ADA: 56% \ud83d\ude16<\/b><\/i>finally, FINALLY some decent blocks for 4ADA, but we're going to need a lot more to make up for the lousy block numbers we were given to mint these past weeks.As for F4ADA, from 149% to 56%, tough, but still more than 100% on average \ud83d\ude0f<\/b><\/i>Have a nice and relaxing weekend!\ud83d\udcab<\/b><\/i><\/div>\n\n