Shelley ITN is growing up, so is staking4ADA!

Since the majority of all pool operators updated to v0.8.9 of the jormungandr node software, testnet stability has gradually improved.

When ranking all pools with sufficient stake to produce blocks on a daily basis (>20M ADA), both 4ADA and 4ADA2 have firmly established themselves within the top 40 pools based on lifetime ROI. And that includes all pools which are currently saturated and therefore generate much lower rewards for their delegators.

Wanna try something new? Go [4ADA3] !!

High risk high rewards, that is what [4ADA3] is about. Well, at least until it has grown in size to become one of those bread & butter pools like [4ADA] and [4ADA2].

The reward for a single block currently hovers around 1,000 ADA. So, if you're the only stakeholder, all of those will be yours! ...minus our 30ADA pool fee ofcourse ;-)

Read more about our new [4ADA3] pool in our Pool Blog

We've added bells & whistles!

Regular visitors probably already noticed, but we've added two new sections to our website:

About Us

We're kinda proud of how efficient and environmentally conscious we are bringing our staking service to the market, so we've explained a little bit how we're set up and where you can find all the details about our solar panels.


Here you can verify our pools are closely following the tip of the chain, ready to add blocks.

For each pool you will also see its total live stake, as well as the pool rewards earned in the previous epoch and to be paid out in the current epoch.

Pool Chat

Use our new Telegram channel to ask us anything about our pools, about the Testnet in general, or just to share your experiences with other delegators.

Hey, you might even wanna find some brothers in arms to give [4ADA3] a rocket start :-)

Looking forward to meet you there! Until then,

Happy Staking!



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