New Year - New Opportunities!

First and foremost, a happy new year to you and to your loved ones!

Hopefully 2020 will let us march together through a year of good health, happy moments and good things happening to the world.

Opportunity nr. 1 : [4ADA2]

As you may have noticed, [4ADA]1% has just reached saturation level, at 1.05%

While in itself this is not something to really worry about, it does indicate that, while still providing solid rewards and ROI every epoch, some delegators may start wondering how to keep squeezing out those last few ADA's which they theoretically might me missing out on.

Which is where [4ADA2] quietly moves into the spotlight...

small pool BIG PROFITS?

Yes, provided it is capable of delivering the same reliable performance as some of its bigger brothers!

With the launch of [4ADA2], staking4ADA aims to offer a new longer term growth path to some of those athletic delegators who like to keep things moving. 

Read Up on Your Options

Go visit the staking4ADA website to have a look at our brand new

Pool Blog

...where we are looking into options for "saturated pool"-delegators.

And into why small reliable pools have bigger reward potential.

Happy reading!

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