We're just getting started; HAPPY 2020!

Before kissing 2019 goodbye, I would like to express my sincere thanks for having chosen to walk the path towards a new, decentralized economy together. With Cardano!

And for embracing this quirky technology called blockchain. Rock-solid and fragile at the same time. Determined to take us to a better place, but leaving us wondering if it will ever be capable of getting us there, or what that place may look like.

2019: Great Warming-Up

With a live stake of 65M, or 0.68%, we are perfectly sized for stable block production with steady rewards, with plenty of growth potential before approaching the 1% saturation danger zone.

Current overall Daedalus ranking: 12

Current yearly ROI: 16.93%* , ranking us among the top pools with a healthy size (20~80M) and "awesome" performance rating.            (source: adapools.org)

2020: Off to the Races?

With your continued support we definitely think so!

Look forward with us to a further professionalization of our service, such as live pool stats, more interactivity and perhaps even a blog, if the network allows us to catch our sleep ;-)

Staking2ADA wishes you a great ending of the old, and an even better start of the new year!

See you in 2020!

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