We Have Liftoff!

Staking4ADA.org has launched into history on december 20, 14:08:59CET, when we produced our very first block on the Cardano Incentivized Testnet. We hope you were there with us to enjoy the benefits. But even if you weren't, there is more to come!

Blocks don't get produced by themselves

Anyone, and that includes me, who thought the life of a stakepool operator revolves around sleeping, eating pizza and collecting rewards is unfortunately deeply mistaken.

So far, the network has been far from stable, with nodes not being able to stay in sync for an hour or longer. This meant and still means checking sync status on an on-going basis and restarting the node as necessary.

Are we getting rewards? Yes we are!

So far we successfully captured 100% of the blocks assigned to us, and we will do our utmost to maintain this ratio.

Which won't be easy, since block assignments are scattered around the day, making it difficult to ensure perfect sync at every scheduled block instance.

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Within a few days we will follow up on this newsletter with some tips on what makes staking pools more or less attractive to delegate to.

Until then, stay in tune for the latest news on our Twitter and Telegram channels.

Have a nice day!

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