Yes, we're LIVE! is now open for staking. We are excited to be part of something that so many of us have waited for such a loooonngg time!

Start staking in 3 easy steps

1. Download the Daedalus wallet

2. Import your Testnet ADA using the recovery phrase of your original Daedalus wallet

3. Select staking pool(s) of your choice* and confirm. done!

*due to a wallet limitation, [4ADA] is listed twice. Make sure to select the one with 0.99% profit margin when selecting us.

Important: "Profit Margin"

When selecting your stake-pool, pay careful attention to the pool's "profit margin". This represents the pool's profit, not yours!

The lower a pool's profit margin, the better for all stake delegators!

Monitor your staking results

When delegating your stake, do not expect instant results, as the blockchain needs to process all staking amounts in order to calculate daily staking rewards.

Be patient for a day or two; if you keep switching pools, there is a chance you will eventually just miss out!

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Have a nice day!

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