Cardano testnet for staking (Shelley) to launch in June

The Cardano team have announced that a first version of the Shelley testnet, which eventually will allow for delegated staking, will launch next month. Initially, just a few selected staking pool candidates will be invited to participate in early testing, but this number will grow as the stability increases.
IOHK's Senior Product Manager David Esser informs that they are working towards launching full delegated staking functionality on the Mainnet within this year, but he also stated that quality goes before quantity, so this is not a guarantee. (in an earlier AMA, Charles Hoskinson did mention though that he would eat his shoe if staking would not happen within 2019 wink).
David Esser (IOHK) on Shelley Testnet
Also CEO Charles Hoskinson elaborated on how the testnet will gradually scale over the coming months:
Charles Hoskinson on Shelley Testnet will ofcourse get involved in testing as soon as possible, and we will keep you informed of any important progress or news as it occurs!
Until then, hodl-ing does seem to have become a little bit more bearable, so hang in there, Cardano's future is becoming a little brighter every day!
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