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Huh? A vote? What are we voting for?

Staking4ADA is eligible to participate in the SundaeSwap ISPO and become a Scooper; processing transactions on the upcoming SundaeSwap DEX.

If we get elected, Staking4ADA will be among the first 30 pools to launch the SundaeSwap DEX, and all of our Delegators will receive $SUNDAE tokens on top of their ADA staking rewards!

Interesting! How Do I Vote?

Voting is remarkably easy and must be done before Wednesday (Nov 17th), so within Epoch 302.

1. Open your ADA wallet,

2. Transfer exactly 2.455 ADA to yourself,

3. Done!

You can do this from any wallet and to any address that belongs to yourself. Regardless which pool you are staking with, or not staking at all, as long as the transferred amount is exactly 2.455 ADA, your vote will count for us!

If you have multiple wallets, please repeat this process for each  one, to give your vote the full weight of all of your funds!

Click on the button below for more information on the SundaeSwap ISO and the voting procedure.

SundaeSwap's Voting Pages
OK, So I Voted. What's Next?

First of all many thanks for voting! Should we get elected, this would give huge exposure to Staking4ADA, helping us grow and -best of all- further increasing your rewards, with additional $SUNDAE tokens as a bonus!

Important: if we should win and the $Sundae token distribution would be limited to 4ADA Delegators only, we will make sure the same benefits are extended to F4ADA delegators who voted for us as well!

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