Welcome to Cardano, Welcome to Staking4ADA!

First of all I'd like to wish all of you who recently subscribed to our newsletter a warm welcome.

It is exciting to see that the work on Cardano that has been done by so many and over such a long period of time, now is coming to fruition at an ever accelerating pace.

And that the real benefits of the network are shared by a fast growing community. So, glad to have you with us. We're on a journey together that is certainly not going to disappoint!

ADA = 100% Long Term Hold for BitBoy Crypto

I normally prefer not to repeat any of the 'spectacular' content that is sloshing around the Internet. However, since I think it is exemplary for the momentum that is currently building around Cardano, I wanted to share this short video by BitBoy Crypto, to my knowledge the crypto-Youtuber with the most subscribers, in which he announces that ADA -after BTC and ETH- is the third 100% long term hold as far as he is concerned.

Project Catalyst - Vote And Receive ADA

Project Catalyst brings on-chain governance to Cardano. It enables ada holders to prioritize proposed campaigns for Cardano’s growth by voting on which innovative ideas should receive funding.

By voting, you will influence the direction of Cardano’s growth, and you will also be rewarded with ada for your participation. $70.000 worth of ada will be distributed between ada holders who register for voting before March 5th.

Project Catalyst is divided into a series of fund releases, which are distributed every six weeks. Fund3 is the third iteration of funding and voting registrations for Fund3 started yesterday.

Wanna get involved and accumulate some extra ADA along the way? Read these instructions to learn how this process works.

Mary Hard Fork Incoming!

The excitement around the Mary hard fork is heating up, as it will upgrade the Cardano network to natively support other assets!

Besides updating the wallet when available, Delegators do not need to take any action before or after the event. Here at Staking4ADA we're fully updated, upgraded, fired up and ready to go!

Take a look at our recent blog post to watch Charles Hoskinson's video in which he announced tentative dates for the fork as well as for the wallet updates.

CH Confirms Tentative Mary HFC dates
Pool Performance Updates and Live Stats

Just a reminder that on the first day of each new epoch, brief performance reviews are posted in our Telegram group (see link below). This is also the place to find answers on any questions you may have about our pools.

In addition, you can always check out the individual pool pages to review performance statistics over the last 10 epochs. Just open the BLOCK PERFORMANCE section at the bottom of the page.

Happy staking!🌞


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