Epoch 211: First Blocks Are Coming

After being postponed one epoch, pools will now for the first time on mainnet get a chance to produce blocks and generate rewards for their delegators.

However, in this first epoch 211, only 10% of all blocks, so far exclusively produced by IOHK's own federated nodes, will be allocated to stake pools randomly, albeit influenced by their size.

Rewards Through the Roof ...or Zero

Since 100% of block rewards will go to the pools, even though they only get to produce 10% of all blocks, the reward per block is going to be ten-fold of what it would be in a fully decentralized environment.

So, if a pool under normal circumstance would be entitled to produce 10 blocks, they now only get to do a single one, but the rewards will still be as if the pool produced 10 blocks.

Because of the random block assignments and the low allocation of only 10%, most pools who normally would get to produce a single block, now will get zero.

But, if a pool is lucky to get that single block, rewards will be HUGE for that pool!

Next Epoch Countdown On Our Website

Wanna know how much time you have left to delegate to one of our pools 😃 our another pool 😢?

No need to start Daedalus for that. Just visit your favourite pool page and scroll down!

Simulate Your Expected Rewards

Have a look at our latest blog post, which explains how you can use IOHK's official rewards calculator to estimate what your rewards may look like for any given pool.

In the example given, we have estimated the rewards for [4ADA] based on its current size of 60M ADA.

We will soon follow-up with another blog post, comparing the results of our pools with some of the competition!

Until then, happy staking!🌞


Simulate Expected Staking Rewards
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