A Big Step for Shelley, A Small Step for ...ehhm...

Time is running out for me to bring about my best poetry i'm afraid, so this time this is going to be fairly concise!

First of all I would like to thank you once again for taking the time and effort to open up this new staking4ADA.org newsletter and have a look what's inside :-)

You see I thought perhaps you'd forgotten all about Cardano, with no rewards coming in since ages now, let alone paying attention to that little 4ADA pool you accidentally once pressed the delegate-button on a long time ago...

Ah, the price of ADA must have kept you awake then! ;-)

New Pools, New Looks

OK-OK, now, to keep this short, let me just finish by inviting you over to your 'good old' staking4ADA website.

Except that 'good new' now hopefully is more applicable.

With new pools, a fresher look (thanks to my 14-year old son, who signed up for the banner-designs --although it did turn out to be kinda hard for him to interrupt his gaming for it), all ready for a brand new start for all of us on Cardano Mainnet, starting in just a few hours.

Press That Button---Not Yet!

Now, before you run to your new wallet sometime tomorrow to press that delegate button, just take a deep breath and first watch all those pools pop-up one by one, which is going to take a day or two.

After the hardfork, you have the entire first epoch (5 days) to select a pool before you would start losing out on rewards.

So, take your time, and take into account that the pool ranking inside the wallets does not have any meaning until at least a few epochs have passed.

Over the next few days I will make regular blog posts explaining how the ranking inside the wallets works, what the expected impact of things like pledge, fee etc. is on the rewards you can expect.

Last but not least, I hope we stay in touch and I wish you a happy staking experience!


P.S. did I mention there is a picture of my face hidden on the website now ;-)


Alright Then, Take Me To Staking4ADA.org
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