Hot News - Cardano Timeline Announcement

As just announced by Charles Hoskinson in a Live Development Update, here is the timeline until the launch of Shelley Mainnet:

June 9: Shelley testnet opens to the public (anyone can start setting up a stakepool etc.)

June 16: Shelley test wallet available

June 23: Hard fork combinator test (needed to give shelley a running start without mainnet interruption)

June 30: Shelley code release (tentative)

July 7: Shelley code release (backup)

July 20: Shelley upgrade deadline for Exchanges

July 29: Shelley hard fork (start of stakepool creation)

Aug 3: ITN rewards available

Aug 18: Stakepools go live, available for staking. :-)

When Will ITN Rewards End?

Charles has not been very specific. Most likely, rewards will end as soon as the balance check takes place, to make sure the rewards are properly carried over to mainnet, probably sometime between june 23 and early july. Will Be Ready. Will You?

As staking4ADA was ahead of the pack on the ITN Testnet--getting the 4ADA pool up and running from the very first epoch, we've already familiarized ourselves with the Haskell node, in order to make sure we will be there from the very start once again, for anyone who has been satisfied with our service on the ITN.

We ofcourse would be delighted to see you back on Mainnet!

And how about you? From your side, you will just need to take care of one thing only, and that is to HODL your ADA all the way to August... After all this time that can't be too hard now can it ;-)

Well, certainly not by looking at the price of ADA, which has just gone up by over 17% just a few hours after the announcement!

Link To The Original Announcement
May Cardano LIVE Development Update



Wishing you a great last few weeks on the ITN and into the summer,

Happy Staking! 🌞


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